A review of the patient from Ukraine about Ibogaine therapy and about the clinic in General


The procedure called Ibogain therapy, therapy of the Iboga root – I came in clear mind. In order to resolve internal conflicts that have accumulated over the time of my life. To understand how it helps other people, namely people with addiction, chemical or non-chemical addiction: addiction, alcohol, gambling and other dependencies. About the procedure, I can say that I was very nervous before getting started it yet for two days, the whole body trembled. Approximately I knew what I can see.


When I came here I was very impressed with the approach to the client, I wouldn’t even tell to the patient but for the client in such a personal approach. Very knowledgeable staff, highly skilled team of doctors who accompany the clients during immersion in that dream-like state. This is the most unusual experience I’ve had in my life, I have more than 40 years, and seems to have seen much, but it’s a different experience and it was accompanied by a clearly.


I didn’t feel anything negative, that was actually fantastic, it’s my dreams, my future plans, my unfulfilled childhood dreams, and this is all I saw. And when at the end of the session I opened my eyes, I was smiling from what I have experienced and felt. The vibrations of the body, the ataxia was of course very pronounced, but they are controlled by the staff. I absolutely didn’t worry.


Another point that struck me was, that I already talked about the approach to their work, I was completely monitored. It also monitored all my vital functions, I’m not worried about what can happen in some sort of trouble, and did not happen. Happened only that deep and overly sensitive, emotionally pleasing me … it changed me, it’s still early to say, but the result will be I am sure of it.


So, thank you to the staff for the opportunity to feel that the usual person is unavailable. Able simple and unmodified consciousness, and maybe changed, it’s hard to say what it was. I could feel every cell of my body – on the one hand, and on the other part of my inner self was separated. During the procedure I didn’t really realize where I am and where I’m not. It was cool, very cool, can only say so.
Thank you for your attention.

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