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The problem of drug addiction is growing more urgent every year both in Ukraine and the world. The number of drug addicts is constantly increasing, so is the choice of drugs. Drug addiction is a dangerous medical and social problem that can lead to the most dire consequences. The disease can proceed in several stages so it is very important to seek qualified help as early as possible.


One of the main and quite effective methods of drug addiction treatment is medication, which helps to cleanse the body of accumulated drugs and restore its normal functioning. MedicoMente, a medical center in Kyiv, offers an individually selected treatment program, using combination therapy, including medication and instrumental therapy selected by specialists.

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a disease characterized by a person’s addiction to narcotic and psychotropic substances, which are used in various ways to achieve a state of euphoria and affect a person’s consciousness. The frequent use of drugs results in a severe form of physical and psychological addiction. However, despite all the complexity of addiction and further negative consequences, it is important to note that the proper and timely approach can help overcome the disease and reach its long-term remission. Therefore, it is very important to seek medical care at the early stages.

Stages of drug addiction

Drug addiction develops in certain stages:


  • Stage 1 – the beginning of drug use to feel high, a gradual increase in dosages, the use of drugs with a stronger effect on consciousness and the body.
  • Stage 2 – the development of physical addiction to the drug. Without substances, it becomes impossible to maintain the optimal state of the body, and the addict loses control over himself.
  • Stage 3 – full addiction. Characterized by changes in the functioning of the whole organism, which leads to brain dysfunctions, the development of concomitant diseases.
  • Stage 4 – final and most dangerous. The drug is already perceived as essential. The whole body undergoes malfunctions, and the lack of qualified medical care at this stage can lead to death.


The consequences for the body can be very different; however, we distinguish three main scenarios of possible consequences of drug use:


  • in the first case, there are reversible changes in the body, amenable to self-healing after drug withdrawal.
  • in the second case, it is quite difficult to recover the body, and requires long-term specialized treatment.
  • the third stage entails irreversible consequences, which are almost impossible to eliminate; long and costly treatment is required to maintain human life in the future.



The general consequences include:


  • disorders of central nervous system;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • liver damage (hepatitis, cirrhosis);
  • infectious and venereal diseases, including AIDS;
  • development of toxic encephalopathy;
  • inappropriate uncontrollable behavior (anger, apathy, drowsiness);
  • personal degradation.


At the same time, it is important to understand that there are different types of drugs today, which can cause various consequences to the human body.

Main types of drugs and their effect on the body

The following are common substances among drug users:


  • Cannabinoids (marijuana, hashish), often called “wheed” because they are prepared from the hemp plant, leading to a feeling of euphoria and slowing down reactions.
  • Stimulants (cocaine, amphetamine), drugs in powder form, used intronasally, at first causing an invigorating activating effect, which soon gives way to complete exhaustion and deep depression.
  • Opiates (opium, heroin, morphine, methadone) are costly and often used intravenously, give a relaxing euphoric effect, reduce sensitivity to pain, quickly develop addiction.
  • Benzodiazepines, tranquilizers and barbiturates can be prescribed by a doctor as a sedative or anesthetic to treat a variety of conditions but their uncontrolled use leads to addiction and multiple side effects.



Considering that drugs are characterized by varying degrees of impact on the human body, there are certain standard methods for eliminating this type of addiction, the most effective of which is drug addiction medication.

Medication for drug addiction treatment and its types

The most effective treatment method for drug addiction is an integrated approach that includes the use of various techniques, among which the most successful is drug therapy. However, the opinion that medicines can permanently cure a person from drug addiction is erroneous. At the same time, the drug effect is a very important stage of treatment, which can significantly improve the general condition of the body, carry out high-quality detoxification and eliminate physical addiction. But, it is almost impossible to achieve a complete recovery with the help of medication alone.



Drug addiction medication proceeds gradually and may include the following set of different procedures:


  • Detoxification of the body and relief of withdrawal syndrome, a condition that develops when drugs are reduced in dose or completely withdrawn, often called “cold turkey”. The syndrome is characterized by severe physical pain, and can last for a long time if no qualified assistance is provided. For painless withdrawal and stop of drug use, specific detoxification of the body will help. Infusion therapy is prescribed in combination with diuretics and drugs to correct the general condition, which will help to quickly remove accumulated toxic substances from the body. To stabilize the psychological state, drugs are prescribed to restore the work of the central nervous system.
  • Restorative therapy for organs and systems. The long-term use of drugs causes damage to the internal organs of a person. To restore the lost functions, a course of medical droppers is prescribed, which may include such groups of drugs as sorbents, hepatoprotectors, pacemakers, vitamin complexes, drugs to improve the functioning of the brain and strengthen blood vessels, etc. All drugs are prescribed to the patient on a purely individual basis, only after a complete physical examination and diagnosis.
  • Implants with specific blockers. It is used mainly for opioid addicts. The implanted medicines block the effect of euphoria from drug use. In such a scenario, even if in the case of a new opiate intake, a person will not have the usual feeling of pleasure and taking drugs will completely lose its meaning.


Any stage of medication should be accompanied by high-quality psychological support aimed at motivating the patient and changing his worldview. It is rather difficult to get a quick positive result without psychotherapy sessions. With all this, the personal desire of the patient to achieve a speedy recovery is of paramount importance.

Pros and cons of drug addiction treatment

The main benefits of drug addiction medication are as follows:


  • Opioid detoxification helps completely and painlessly get rid of the painful physical consequences of drug withdrawal.
  • Sedatives are quite effective in the post-detoxification period, help to eliminate behavioral disorders, normalize the mental state and sleep.
  • An effective component of anti-relapse therapy.


Disadvantages of medication:


  • Medication for drug addiction is mainly aimed at eliminating the symptomatic consequences of drug use in the form of withdrawal symptoms but practically does not affect the psychological state of the addict. It should always proceed in parallel with psychotherapy sessions.
  • Patients who receive sufficiently strong medicines for addiction treatment may take too high dose, which can lead to serious side effects and a sharp deterioration in the patient’s condition.
  • Medication for drug addiction is quite effective but is shown only under the strict supervision and management of a highly-skilled doctor; it is only one of the stages of combination treatment of drug addiction.

Medication for drug addiction at MedicoMente, Kyiv

MedicoMente provides its patients with comprehensive drug addiction treatment in comfortable inpatient conditions, with an individual approach to each client. The patients are treated by narcologists-psychotherapists, who make a combination therapy plan, which includes the following stages:


  • Motivation;
  • Detoxification;
  • Psychotherapy sessions;
  • Ibogaine-assisted therapy;
  • Naltrexone-containing implants;
  • Other universal treatments.



The patients are provided with round-the-clock supervision of specialists, a wide range of doctors, modern equipment, complete security and confidentiality. Our specialists accompany the patient from the beginning of treatment to the achievement of significant results, indicative of the victory over drug addiction.



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