Frequently asked questions

Do we guarantee confidentiality of treatment?

Yes, the location of each patient is strictly confidential.
In our work, we are guided by Ukrainian Law on the provision of medical care, non-disclosure of personal data and medical secrets, guarantee complete confidentiality at all stages of the provision of medical care.

Does the psychological state influence the development of addiction to psychoactive substances?

Yes, and very often.
In our practice, we are faced with situations where the experienced psychological scar contributes to the development of addiction to alcohol, drugs or other psychoactive substances that a person uses as a kind of “painkiller”.

What treatment methods are used in the clinic?

We use original techniques both our own and international protocols, an individual approach.
In our clinic, various types of chemical (psychoactive substances, narcotic substances, alcohol) and non-chemical (gambling, addiction to gambling, addictive behavior), both physical and mental components are treated. The methods are selected individually, depending on the identified problem, stage of the disease, somatic and mental state of the patient, and other related complications.

How does the treatment go?

Treatment takes place in a comfortable hospital under 24-hour supervision of medical staff. It includes all stages: identifying and determining the problem, motivation for a healthy lifestyle, drawing up an individual treatment plan, diagnosis, detoxification, physical and mental stabilization, restoration of impaired functions.

What are the conditions of stay in the clinic?

The clinic has comfortable and cozy wards of stay, balanced diet.
Stay in a single, double, or triple room, equipped with everything you need: a private toilet, a shower, a hygienic shower, an air conditioner, a staff call button, WiFi, SmartTV, a personal safe, complex individual nutrition and a gym. The conditions correspond to the 4+* hotel.

How long does the treatment take? What to do if extension of hospital treatment is required?

After a thorough analysis of the clinical case by the clinic’s specialists, the duration of treatment is determined individually and negotiated with the patient and his relatives, on average 10-14 days of inpatient stay. If there is a need to expand the program to achieve the maximum effect, it is discussed individually.

What is the cost of treatment in the clinic?

The price for the provision of services is located on the website in the “Price” section.
It is possible to accurately calculate the cost of treatment for each individual patient after a preliminary assessment of human condition and diagnosis of a person in a free consultation. It is calculated individually according to the price list of the clinic: it depends on the general condition of the patient at the time of admission, the methods used, analyzes and additional surveys, the type of placement, duration of stay. All these are fixed according to the price list of the clinic.

Is compulsory treatment possible in the clinic?

No. The clinic does not provide treatment without voluntary consent, treatment can be started after the signing of the information consent and treatment agreement by the patient. An exception is hospitalization in an intensive care unit for emergency care against life-threatening conditions, solely for medical indications as agreed by the parties.

Can I carry out detoxification at home?

The clinic does not provide “at home” treatment services. Detoxification, other medical procedures and manipulations are carried out exclusively in a hospital, in the ward of intensive care under strict 24-hour control of vital signs of the body. The clinic is licensed and equipped with a complete list of modern medical equipments according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, all groups of pharmacological supplies for routine treatment and emergency medical care are always available.

Can I visit the patient during the treatment phase?

Yes, but only by agreement.
You can visit at any time convenient for the patient, subject to the daily routine of the plan of medical procedures for each individual patient.

How to get to the clinic?

For nonresident patients and those who escorting them, we will arrange a transfer from airports or the railway station of Kiev (by preliminary arrangement). You can get it yourself by personal or public transport, (the route can be laid out in the navigator of a mobile device directly by clicking on the address specified on the website of clinic, in the “Contacts” section).

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