Narcologist consultation


Drugs give damage not only to health but also to entire human life. Confronted with this problem, people seek help from narcologists. Our clinic offers anonymous narcologist consultation and, if necessary, the assistance of other specialists.

Figuring out the concepts

Drug addiction is a severe condition characterized by a pathological craving for drug use, which leads to the partial or complete destruction of the patient’s body, and even to death.


Narcology is a field of medicine that studies and develops methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of drug addiction, inhalant abuse, and chronic alcoholism. It is a part of psychiatry.


Narcologist is a specialist who relieves patients from drug, alcohol, and other pathological addictions.

Signs worth contacting a narcologist with

Seek narcologist consultation as soon as you notice the following signs and conditions:


changes in behavior:


  • aggression/cruelty,
  • excessive excitation,
  • drowsiness,
  • apathy,
  • isolation,
  • suicidal tendencies;


physical changes:


  • dilated pupils,
  • retarded movements,
  • thinness, needle marks,
  • blackouts,
  • hallucinations;


social changes:


  • loss of friends,
  • conflicts in the family,
  • problems at school, work;


criminal changes:


  • property theft,
  • robberies,
  • car theft,
  • murders;


concomitant diseases:


  • AIDS,
  • hepatitis B and C,
  • infectious and venereal diseases.


Signs of drug use may differ based on the type of drug being taken.
A timely referral to a narcologist facilitates and accelerates the patient’s addiction treatment.

An anonymous narcologist consultation in Kyiv


Narcologists of MedicoMente, Kyiv (Ukraine), provide anonymous consultation on the treatment of addiction, by appointment, at your convenience.


We apply our licensed original techniques, international guidelines, and an individualized approach.

Making an appointment with a narcologist at MedicoMente

Making an appointment is quite simple:



Our narcologist is located in Kyiv at:

08340, Ukraine, Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Hnedynska village council, Kalyna horticultural society, Medovaia Str., 10.

Appointment procedure


Consultation with a psychotherapist-narcologist is as tactful as possible and includes motivation, identification of the causes, awareness of the problem. The doctor draws up a course of treatment for addiction, individually, based on the patient’s condition and specific problems.


The narcologist accompanies the patient in all stages of his/her treatment from the first consultation to stable results, and if necessary, offers supportive therapy.


The consultation can be also provided to the persons closest to the patient.


Therapy is provided in-patient only, which guarantees control of recovery.

Cost of drug addiction treatment services

The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment regimen, the methods used, the state at admission, the list of necessary examinations, the length of stay in the clinic, and accommodation conditions.


See our full price list of the clinic’s services at

Patient reviews on drug addiction treatment

Other treatments

Alcohol addiction treatment methods

Treatment of alcohol addiction is effective when provided comprehensively. The comprehensive program includes psychological motivation, detoxification, complete laboratory and diagnostic examination of organs and systems, stabilization and restoration of body functions, drug and physiotherapy recovery, supportive therapy, adaptation and socialization of the patient.

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VIP service in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction and other addictions in the clinic “MedicoMente” (Kiev)

Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction in any circumstances requires a special approach and attention. Our clinic provides high-quality treatment and use an individual approach to patients, without exception. However, our clients may also enjoy exclusive services.

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Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment

Alcoholism (uncontrollable addiction to alcohol-containing drinks), like any addiction, is most effectively treated in a hospital. Narcologists of MedicoMente, using the knowledge of modern techniques, diagnostics, and round-the-clock monitoring, can provide real and stable results in a hospital setting.

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Treatment of beer alcoholism

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