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Alcoholism, alcohol abuse

Drinking alcohol accompanies a person almost all his life. But the borderline between use and abuse is visible primarily to the doctor. How to get rid of alcoholism? Clinic MedicoMente takes on the task of identifying and getting rid of alcohol addiction.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism (alcohol dependence syndrome) is a severe mental chronic illness (a type of substance abuse) characterized by an addiction to the use of alcohol-containing substances.


An alcoholic is a patient who is unable to control alcohol consumption and who needs urgent and effective help from doctors.

Causes and factors

The emergence of alcohol dependence may be due to factors of a psychological, physiological or social nature. Such as:


  • Environment.
  • Depression, stress.
  • Heredity.
  • Availability and popularity of alcohol.
  • Suggestibility.

What is known about the stages and how to determine them

It is customary to distinguish alcohol dependence according to the following stages of alcohol consumption:


Stage 0 (zero): situational or accidental drinking of small amounts of alcohol without physiological or physical dependence, but mild psychological dependence. As a rule, a person loses or has no interest in drinking alcohol in the future. The stage is dangerous, under certain conditions, the loss of control over the use and the transition to the next stage of addiction.


Stage 1: mental dependence on alcohol. Characteristic features: an obsessive desire to drink alcohol, planning and expectation of drinking, switching to large doses, loss of body reactivity (nausea) to an excess of alcohol.


Stage 2: physical and mental dependence on alcohol. Characteristic features: the inability to stop drinking alcohol due to hormonal disorders, hangover syndrome and its elimination with a dose of alcohol, hard drinking, alcoholic psychosis.


Stage 3: physiological changes – extreme dependence. Characteristic features: a decrease or lack of resistance to alcohol, indiscriminate use of alcohol, maximum physical dependence, and psychosomatic disorders – personality degradation, irreversible damage to the central nervous system, brain, gastrointestinal tract, circulatory system and other organs, leading to death.


Treatment for alcoholism can be started at any of these stages, but it is easier to achieve results in the early stages.
Symptoms that you should pay attention to: large and growing volumes of alcohol consumed, hangover and, as a result, nausea, increased blood pressure, tremors of the limbs, aggression, depression, binge drinking, memory loss.

What we know about the types of alcohol addiction

Depending on the amount, regularity and behavioral response, experts distinguish the following types of alcoholism:


  • Beer alcoholism – regular consumption of beer and beer drinks in the amount of more than 1 liter per day. It is generally accepted that since beer is a low-alcohol drink, then it does not carry great danger. However, this is an alcohol-containing drink and, at large doses, gives rise to addiction, the transition to stronger drinks, and then dependence.
  • Chronic alcoholism – regular use of alcoholic beverages of various strengths to the point of intoxication. Constant hangover and the need to “improve” health lead to an increase in doses and strength of the consumed.
  • Drunken alcoholism – continuous continuous use of large portions of alcohol. Prolonged binges without the specialized help of doctors leads to death.
  • Female alcoholism is a form of alcoholism that is difficult to treat, dangerous in terms of the rate of addiction and the consequences.
  • Childhood alcoholism is a severe type of alcohol dependence that has a destructive effect on the growing body due to the easy digestibility of alcohol-containing substances.
  • Secret alcoholism – a type of addiction, as a rule, of famous people or people who avoid publicity. Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages can be noticed by the changed appearance and lifestyle of a person. This happens, as a rule, already in the severe stages of the disease and requires the help of narcologists, psychotherapists and rehabilitation in a hospital setting.

What methods does our clinic offer in the treatment of alcoholism

The purpose of our center is to return a person to sobriety and a healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. We achieve this using a comprehensive treatment of alcoholism in a hospital.


The main prerequisite for successful treatment for addiction is the patient’s own desire, internal motivation. Relatives, inner circle and doctors can only help those who want to get rid of addiction, the desire to do it for him will not give results.


We start getting rid of alcohol addiction with a free initial consultation. It is carried out with the patient and, if desired, with his family. The reception is led by a psychotherapist who assists the patient from the first meeting until the end of the course of therapy. At the stages of treatment, the tasks of the causes of mental dependence, depression, return to a sober life, and consolidation of the result are posed and solved.
The next stage is a comprehensive examination of the state of the body. The patient undergoes tests, tests for alcohol. Ultrasound examinations, ECG examinations, examinations by a therapist and other specialists are performed as needed. The presence of concomitant diseases is revealed. Only after that a detailed plan for the treatment of alcoholism and rehabilitation of the patient is left.


A further step in the treatment of alcoholism is the mandatory detoxification in a hospital setting. The optimal method is chosen depending on the active toxic substance.


The main treatment is carried out in the form of complex therapy and includes: infusion and pharmacological therapy, aversive therapy, psychotherapy, ibogaine therapy, and an implant.


It is worth noting that our clinic also conducts supportive therapy throughout the year (outpatient stage) in the form of consultations and observations, even after completely getting rid of alcoholism.

Disappointing statistics of Ukraine

According to statistics, 87% of Ukrainians consume alcohol with varying degrees of frequency. According to the WHO, about 15 liters of pure alcohol are consumed per year for every Ukrainian, which potentially threatens degradation and extinction. About a quarter of a million people die from alcoholism and its consequences every year.


Ukraine has one of the highest rates of beer alcoholism. Cheapness, availability, advertising – provoke schoolchildren and adolescents to use. 80-85% of children 13-15 years old have tried alcohol. By the age of 15-19, about 45% are drinking alcohol all the time.
The consequences of female alcohol addiction are every second sick, non-socialized child with congenital and hereditary diseases.
One of the grave consequences of drinking alcohol is traffic accident statistics. Due to the fault of drunk drivers, more than 1200 accidents with fatalities and injuries in 2019.

Treatment of alcoholism: why MedicoMente?

The specialists of our center provide patients with painless and safe treatment for alcoholism: from urgent detoxification in resuscitation and removal from hard drinking to complete physical and mental recovery of the body.


Helps in the fight for the patient’s health – the use of our own licensed original methods, international protocols and an individual approach.


Our clinic provides conditions as comfortable as possible (hotel level 4 + *):


  • 1, 2 and 3-bed spacious rooms of hotel comfort level.
  • Restaurant meals, taking into account the wishes of the patient, and, if necessary, medical, as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Security and round-the-clock surveillance.
  • Gym, physiotherapy.
  • Massages, beautician services and anti-aging treatments.
  • Lounge for relaxation and communication, cable TV, Wi-Fi.
  • Restoration of the body using expert-class hardware equipment (plasmapheresis, laser and ultraviolet blood irradiation, lymphatic drainage).

Prevention of alcoholism, is it necessary?

Binge drinking prevention is a small but important step towards maintaining your health. The doctors of our center advise patients in detail on this issue. Here are some guidelines:


  • Decisive refusal from any alcohol, offered even by close people.
  • Change the environment to one that supports your and yours sobriety.
  • Fill your life with interests: sports, hobbies, travel, work.

Treatment of alcoholism: important information!

In our clinic “MedicoMente” there is no compulsory or outpatient treatment. Treatment of alcoholism is carried out in a hospital and only with the patient’s voluntary consent.


The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment program and condition upon admission.


It is worth noting the privileges of our center:


  • Round-the-clock control of specialists.
  • Confidentiality, security.
  • Additional diagnostics and treatment of concomitant diseases.
  • A wide staff of doctors (with over 10 years of experience and international internship).
  • Modern equipment according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • Location (30-40 minutes drive from the center of Kiev).
  • Transfer from the railway station and airports in Kiev.
  • We work successfully not only with residents of Ukraine.

Together with you, we are focused on the result – the restoration of health, personality and interest in life!

Check out the therapy program for a free consultation by phone +38 095-550-85-25!

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