Psychotherapy in MedicoMente

MedicoMente starts psychotherapy with the initial consultation and continues until the end of the course of treatment.

Our task is to help the patient realize the problem and overcome the addiction. Consciously assess the current situation, understand cases that may cause a desire to take alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances. Avoid such moments in the future by solving life problems in a different way.

An individual approach to each patient allows focusing on his real problems, understanding whether he is ready to change, and helping him carefully.

Psychological support is necessary not only for patients but also for their family members, close people, often suffering from co-dependence. The latter acts as a serious obstacle to recovery and only complicates an already difficult situation.

Treatment process

Psychotherapeutic consultations in our medical center are provided by Boris Borisovich Ivnev, a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, Ph.D. in Medicine, with vast experience in treating various types of addiction. He uses various methods of psychocorrection, classical techniques, and hypnosis, in particular pharmacological one.


Psychotherapy helps a person to easier get rid of mental addiction, and also to understand its underlying causes. The final stage is especially important, as it helps to prevent the development of relapse and mental disorders.


In addition, psychological support helps the patient return to society after treatment, develop the skills necessary for self-fulfillment and building personal healthy relationships. In the process of interacting with a psychotherapist, a person learns not to perceive himself as a victim of circumstances but to be self-sufficient, able to correct his mistakes.


The support of an experienced specialist, confidentiality, the addict’s desire to return to a normal full life are the key to the fact that treatment will give the desired effect, and the risks of breakdowns and relapse will be minimized.


In each individual case, the doctor selects the psychotherapeutic method that can provide the maximum result. With increased anxiety, depression, behavioral disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy is performed. This therapy helps find other forms of behavior, reactions to certain life situations, events, build plans, consolidate the results obtained during treatment. The techniques of emotional-figurative therapy and relaxing techniques are often used.


Psychotherapeutic work is no less significant than cleansing the body of harmful substances (detoxification) and restoring physical condition. Without psychological help, no drug can give the desired effect. Thus, the result will be minimal.

In order for the patient to return to conscious sober life, to get a chance to become a “free” person, an integrated approach, detoxification, and simultaneous work on both physical and mental restoration are practiced.

In MedicoMente, psychotherapy is prescribed in combination with medical gymnastics, various types of massage, physiotherapy.


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Try different methods of treatment, both classic and alternative, for addiction in MedicoMente!

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