Female alcohol addiction treatment in the MedicoMente clinic

Female alcohol addiction is a problem known to all countries, social groups, and nationalities. It’s not just the external factors, but also the peculiarities of the influence of alcohol on the female body.

What is female alcoholism?

Female alcoholism (alcohol addiction syndrome) is a mental chronic illness characterized by an addiction to alcoholic beverages. Difficult to treat, highly addictive, with unpredictable consequences and the development of severe alcoholism.

Causes and factors

Female alcoholism is caused by:


  • psychological factors (depression, stress, loneliness, loss of loved ones, resentment);
  • physiological factors (heredity, strong toxic and euphoric effects);
  • social factors (easy accessibility, popularity of alcohol, environment).



Female alcohol addiction develops faster than in men, which is the main problem in the treatment and recovery of the body. This is due to:


  • the high sensitivity of the female body to alcohol-containing substances;
  • slower excretion of alcohol decomposition products from the body;
  • a temperament that leads to mental addiction;
  • the vulnerability of neurons to toxins.

Stages of alcohol addiction

Stage 0: casual or situational use of small amounts of alcohol with mild psychological addiction. Risk of losing control over the use and the transition to the next stage of addiction.


Stage 1: mental alcohol addiction. Characteristics: an obsessive desire to drink alcohol, increasing doses, loss of body reactivity (nausea, vomiting) to an excess of alcohol.


Stage 2: physical and mental alcohol addiction. Characteristics: systematic alcohol use due to hormonal disorders, hangover syndrome, binge drinking, alcoholic psychosis.


Stage 3: physiological changes – extreme addiction. Characteristics: zero alcohol tolerance, indiscriminate use of alcohol, complete physical addiction, psychosomatic disorders (personality degradation, irreversible damage to the central nervous system, brain, gastrointestinal tract, circulatory system, and other organs).
Treatment of alcohol addiction can be started at any of these stages but ensures easier and faster results if started early.

Female alcohol addiction: symptoms, consequences

Signs of alcohol use are quite noticeable on a woman, nevertheless, we list them:


  • physical (untidiness, face swelling, hoarseness, characteristic odor, loss of coordination, hand tremors);
  • behavioral (personality degradation, aggression, psychosis, conflict, neglect of maternal responsibilities, promiscuous sexual relations, change of social environment);
  • psychological (denial of the problem, apathy, attempts to justify themselves).


Any of these symptoms should alert loved ones, in case of any suspicions, do not hesitate to contact a narcologist. The clinic’s specialists will help to find the truth, facilitate and accelerate the patient’s treatment.


Alcohol has a harsh effect on all organs and systems of the female body. The danger is the rate of exposure and difficult detoxification.


It affects internal organs (liver cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, heart attack), nervous system, reproductive function (the birth of children with impairments and congenital defects). Behavioral degradation leads to concomitant diseases (AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases).

Treatment of female alcoholism at MedicoMente

Treatment starts with a free initial consultation of a psychotherapist-narcologist, who assists the female patient from the first visit until the end of the therapy.


The patient undergoes a mandatory comprehensive physical examination: tests, alcohol tests, ultrasound examination, ECG, examinations by a therapist and other specialists (if necessary).


The doctor plans a detailed treatment and rehabilitation program.


Treatment consists of the following stages:


  • motivation;
  • detoxification;
  • psychotherapy;
  • hypno-suggestive techniques;
  • aversive therapy;
  • ibogaine therapy;
  • additional therapy (optional);
  • implant (optional).

MedicoMente offers both treatment and supportive therapy throughout the year (outpatient stage) in the form of consultations and follow-ups.

Our clinic provides treatment in-patient and on a voluntary basis only, which guarantees control of recovery.


Our clinic offers the most comfortable conditions (4+ star hotel):


  • 1, 2, and 3-bed spacious rooms of hotel comfort level.
  • Individual full board, and if necessary – dietary, as per doctor’s recommendations.
  • 24-hour security and surveillance.
  • Gym, fitness, physiotherapy.
  • Massages, yoga, beautician services, and anti-aging treatments.
  • Lounge for relaxation and communication, cable TV, Wi-Fi.
  • Recreation with the use of expert-class hardware equipment.


The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment regimen, and state at admission.



Make an appointment:

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