Benefits of a comprehensive approach to the treatment of neuroses

Currently, there has been an increase in the number of cases of various forms of anxiety disorders. Experts associate it with the constantly increasing pace of development of the environment. However, today in Ukraine, quality medical services are available for relatively few people.


MedicoMente, the medical center in Kyiv, provides treatment of various forms of neuroses today. Its highly qualified specialists apply an individual approach to each client and offer combination therapy using modern techniques and methods. All this contributes to the rapid mental recovery of our patients.

Meaning of “neurosis” and “neurasthenia”

Neurosis is a mental disorder that can be provoked by various stressful situations or trauma, as well as prolonged mental stress. It is a reversible psychogenic disease that can develop at any age, always has a cause, and is curable.


There are three main forms of neuroses:


  • neurasthenia
  • hysteria
  • obsessive-compulsive neurosis



Signs of neurasthenia are fatigue, excessive irritation. Hysteria is characterized by sudden fits of heavy crying or laughter. Obsessive states are when certain images and thoughts constantly appear in a person’s mind, which cause discomfort but are very difficult to get rid of if unassisted.


This disease has also many other forms, manifested under the influence of various factors.

Main signs and symptoms of neurosis

Neurasthenia can have both physical and psychoemotional signs.


The main physical signs and symptoms of the disease include the following:


  • headache
  • intensive sweating
  • heart palpitations and pain
  • shortness of breath
  • limb tremor
  • menstrual disorders in women


Psychological symptoms of neurosis include:


  • increased anxiety, irritability
  • a feeling of loss of control, weakness, apathy
  • excessive anxiety, fear of death
  • mood swings
  • disturbed sleep and wakefulness


Speaking about the signs of this anxiety disorder, it is worth noting that the signs and symptoms may vary. The main mental signs of the disease can be constant excitement, a feeling of apathy and powerlessness, the development of various phobias, depression, obsessive thoughts.


Physical signs can be tachycardia, shortness of breath, fever or chills, pain in the spine. Also, sleep disturbances and problems in the intimate sphere can be attributed to common signs.

Main causes of neuroses

The cause of neurasthenia can often be a chronic lack of rest, inadequate sleep, constant psycho-emotional stress, and excessive physical exertion. Another important factor can be an unresolved internal conflict or negative external circumstances, as well as an overabundance of negative information.



The following factors can become the cause of neurosis:


  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic lack of sleep
  • stress and emotional tension
  • negative emotions



Sometimes the psychogenic factors include congenital features of temperament, a long stay in a negative environment, and features of upbringing. In rare cases, the causes may be head injuries, infectious brain diseases, the effect of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances.

Effective treatment methods and approaches

Effective treatment of neuroses should consist of a combination therapy, which may include the following types of treatment:


  • Pharmaco-hypnotic therapy. Includes the use of special medical hypnotics, antidepressants, sedatives, and tranquilizers.
  • Psychotherapy. Most neuroses are associated with mental disorders, manifested by the so-called response to a traumatic event. In this situation, a qualified psychologist will help to understand the feelings, remove the cause of anxiety and learn how to cope with new attacks.
  • Hypnotherapy. The so-called “Ericksonian hypnosis” is used, which provides a quick positive effect from therapy in a short period of time.
  • Medication. The drugs are prescribed only by a psychiatrist after a diagnosis. In the case when mild sedatives do not work, often at the beginning of therapy, the doctor may prescribe a course of tranquilizers, antidepressants, or other drugs.

Benefits of treatment of neuroses at MedicoMente

Neurasthenia is a very specific disease that requires combination treatment. And the first important step towards recovery is to seek qualified help.



Patients can receive treatment of neurosis at MedicoMente, considering personal characteristics, signs, and symptoms. The clinic offers comfortable conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of neuroses. Doctors use both laboratory and imaging tests and methods to make the correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment management.


The clinic offers the following services:


  • free consultation of a qualified specialist (initial visit);
  • diagnostics of the patient (if necessary);
  • prescription of medicines (if necessary);
  • a course of psychotherapy;
  • inpatient treatment in hotel-like rooms;
  • other effective methods of treatment (massage, physiotherapy, balanced nutrition);
  • preventive measures.



Once diagnosed, depending on the severity of the symptoms, the patient is offered a step-by-step therapy plan, which includes instrumental treatment, psychotherapy sessions, and other unique methods that, in combination, give a quick positive effect and promote recovery in the shortest possible period.



Therefore, the timely qualified help and support make it possible to return to a normal lifestyle as soon as possible.



The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment regimen, and state at admission.


Making an appointment is quite simple:




Visit us at:
Medovaia Str., 10., Kalyna horticultural society, Hnedynska village council, Boryspil district, Kyiv region.

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