Treatment of gambling addiction (gambling addict) in the clinic MedicoMente – Kiev, Ukraine

Gambling addiction

The fact that a person loves to play has been known since the time of the Pyramids. However, progress dictates us new conditions of existence. Now the problem of gambling addiction is considered as a disease and should be treated. Our clinic takes on the treatment of gambling addiction with the same high degree of responsibility as drug addiction and alcoholism, not considering this addiction to be something easy and harmless.

What is it?

Gambling addiction is a pathological attraction to games caused by psychological and emotional addiction.


A gamer is a person who does not control the degree of involvement in the game and who needs not only psychological, but also medication treatment.

Why and how do they get hooked on the game?

The emergence of gambling addiction may be due to factors of a psychological, physiological or social nature. Such as:


  • Mental disorders and disorders, phobias.
  • Closure, lack of communication.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Creative, impulsive natures.

You can get involved in the game in just a couple of weeks. Gaming corporations aim to “add” a person by demonstrating his exclusivity and good luck. Vivid visualization, a system of bonuses and rewards stimulate the production of dopamine – the hormone of happiness, and the anticipation of victory and gain – adrenaline – a kind of drug. And it is for them that the player “hunts” in the literal and figurative sense, not realizing that he is turning his life and the lives of his loved ones into a tragedy.


It is important not to miss the moment of being drawn into gambling addiction – to be on your guard and to yourself to the people around you who are at risk. In case of doubts and suspicions, it is necessary to contact a clinic for gambling addicts for help.

Types and stages of gambling addiction

There are different types of games:


  • Casino (roulette, cards, slot machines).
  • Computer games (consoles, online games).
  • Games of fast turnover of funds (bets, sweepstakes, lotteries).
  • Games in the securities markets (stock exchanges, forex).


It is worth noting that the variety of game options is aimed at maximizing the coverage of the age category (from children to old people) and involving both sexes in gambling addiction.


Gambling addiction is distinguished by the following stages:


  • Stage 1 (level of wins) – the game is irregular, situational, and entertaining.
  • Stage 2 (stage of losses) – the game takes place regularly, prevailing over the main interests of life, the player gradually moves away from real life, excitement replaces all other emotions for the player.
  • Stage 3 (the stage of despair) – the game takes place constantly, replacing the surrounding reality with a virtual one, communication with society can be minimal or playful (with the same Internet-addicted gamblers). At this stage of the disease, the basic functions of the psyche are disrupted – the game is perceived as a drug, and in its absence, symptoms appear in the form of “withdrawal”, psychosis, panic attacks, depression.
  • Stage 4 (the stage of hopelessness) – psychological, physiological and psychological degradation of the personality, sometimes leading to suicide, against this background, alcohol or drug addiction may occur.


You can start treatment at any stage, but it is important to note that early treatment speeds up the healing process.

How to recognize?

Symptoms of gambling addiction in the early stages are practically invisible and the task of loved ones is not to miss the moment. After all, when a person breaks his arm, he does not put himself in a cast, he goes to the doctor. So here too – a broken psyche – is the specialization of our center.


Gambling addiction symptoms:


  • Regular with a bias towards continuous presence in the playing area.
  • Loss of contact with others (especially with those who voice the problem of gambling addiction).
  • Loss of feeling of the reality of the surrounding world.
  • Physiological changes.
  • The tendency to take unnecessary risks in gambling.
  • Emotional / psycho-emotional instability.
  • Growing financial needs are solved, sometimes, in a criminal way.

Consequences of gambling addiction

With gambling addiction, the psyche suffers first of all – detachment, depression, psychosis, anxiety, over-excitability, uncontrolled aggression, panic attacks, etc.


As a result, a person begins to experience physiological changes in the body – redness and dryness of the mucous membranes of the eyes, gastrointestinal diseases, disruptions in the hormonal and cardiovascular systems, general exhaustion, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, memory impairment, sleep disturbance, etc.


Loss of life guidelines and goals is another consequence of gambling addiction. The whole life of a person is reduced to a game and there is no place in it for family, friends, work / study.

What to do? Can gambling addiction be cured?

It is possible and necessary. Come to our clinic MedicoMente.


Gambling addiction is not a sentence and our specialists will do everything to return a person to a full life.


The therapy is based on an individual approach to each patient and takes place in several stages:


  • Motivation is the main direction in solving the problem of effective treatment. Our psychotherapists successfully solve the problem “From arguments to the need for a cure.” If necessary, psychological counseling can be provided to the patient’s immediate environment.
  • Drug therapy – cleansing the body and restoring the affected systems and organs for further treatment.
  • Psychotherapy (including hypnotic techniques) accompanies the patient throughout the treatment and continues on an outpatient basis.
  • Ibogaine therapy – treatment of mental addiction to gambling addiction at the subconscious level.


The following factors influence the drawing up of a complex therapy plan: age, general health, social environment, psychotype, experience and degree of gambling addiction.

Why us?

The specialists of our center provide patients with painless and safe treatment for gambling addiction: from recognizing the problem to complete mental and physical recovery of the body.


Therapy is carried out using our own licensed original techniques, international protocols and an individual approach.


Our clinic provides the most comfortable conditions (hotel level 4 + *):


  •  1-2 and 3-bed spacious rooms of the hotel level.
  • Restaurant food, taking into account the wishes of the patient, and, if necessary, dietary (as prescribed by the doctor).
  • Security and round-the-clock surveillance.
  • Gym, physiotherapy.
  • Massages, beautician services and anti-aging treatments.
  • Lounge for relaxation and communication, cable TV.
  • Restoration of the body using expert-class hardware equipment (plasmapheresis, laser and ultraviolet blood irradiation, lymphatic drainage).

Important information!

Our clinic MedicoMente does not use compulsory therapy. Treatment of gambling addicts is carried out in a hospital and only with the voluntary consent of the patient himself.


The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment program and condition upon admission.


It is worth noting the privileges of our center:


  • Round-the-clock control of specialists.
  • Confidentiality, security.
  • Additional diagnostics and treatment of concomitant diseases.
  • A wide staff of doctors (with over 10 years of experience and international internship).
  • Modern equipment according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • Location (30-40 minutes drive from the center of Kiev).
  • Transfer from the railway station and airports in Kiev.

Together with you, we are focused on the result – the restoration of health, personality and interest in life!

Check out the therapy program for a free consultation by phone

Nobody is perfect, but everyone is worthy of happiness!

You are not alone, we are ready to help you feel the joy of real life, life here and now, contact us!

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