Addiction Treatment and the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 made significant adjustments to all of our lives.


The COVID-19 pandemic and, as a consequence, travel restrictions, distance learning and work, quarantines, lockdowns have come into common use. This is difficult to deny Each person in some way adapts to the realities of the current way of life.


While some of us have mobilized our inner potentials, adapted to the constantly changing rules and regulations, many, however, simply give up and let everything slide.


As a result, people have encountered with maladaptation, difficulties in communication; the number of mental disorders of various origins has sharply increased, so has the number of people who had started or increased the intake of alcohol, drugs, antidepressants and other psychoactive substances.


Considering the changes made to the medical legislation of Ukraine, namely, the provision of emergency medical services to the population by employees of ambulance and emergency medical care teams (service 103). This has simply left many people alone with their problems: there is no one and nowhere to provide specialized medical care.


During the pandemic, our center has significantly added value to its expertise, expanded the range of services provided and strengthened its position among specialized medical centers in drug addiction and psychiatric treatment.


Treatment of such delicate problems as drug, alcohol and other addictions should be started holistically rather than from its individual components:


  • Motivation of the patient and support for loved ones;
  • Complete diagnostics of organs and systems;
  • Detoxification (alcohol, drugs);
  • Understanding the reasons for addiction;
  • Psychological support at all stages;
  • Alcohol destroys you, and now I understand it;
  • Restore the body and stabilize functions;
  • Protection with the use of blockers;
  • Outpatient support.
  • We are always available!


We provide the most comfortable conditions for the patient, constant monitoring and support:


  • Comfortable rooms from Standard to VIP level;
  • Expert medical equipment;
  • Complete list of medicines;
  • Expert medical assistance 24/7;
  • Effective physiotherapy techniques;
  • Recreation and relaxation areas;
  • Sport and fitness gym;
  • Safety and constant monitoring of the patient;
  • Balanced and delicious food;
  • Accommodations meet even the highest demands of our clients!


Treatment is provided by certified clinicians and specialized personnel:


  • Treatment is provided by clinicians rather than social workers;
  • The nurse follows his prescriptions;
  • Complete physical diagnostics;
  • Provision of high-quality specialized care;
  • Psychological sessions with a psychotherapist;
  • We heal the body and the mind;
  • The patient is under constant monitoring;
  • The patient must always understand what is happening to him;
  • Treatment is aimed at comprehensive recovery;
  • Mutual understanding at every stage of treatment;
  • Doctor, life is wonderful, I feel free!


We deal with


  • Mild to severe alcohol addiction;
  • Addiction to opiates and their synthetic analogs;
  • Addiction to psychostimulants and euphoretics;
  • Gambling and ludomania;
  • Addiction to various medications;
  • Mental and depressive disorders;
  • Anxiety and depressive disorders;
  • Neurological disorders and their consequences;
  • Maladaptation and social maladjustment;
  • Our treatment is patient-centered!


Geography of our patients:


  • Ukraine and the CIS countries;
  • United States of America and Canada
  • Italy, Spain and Portugal; France
  • Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland;
  • Norway, Sweden
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;
  • Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates;
  • Serbia, Croatia and Greece;
  • Our patients come from all countries and continents!
  • Our clinic is famous all over the world!


Why choose MedicoMente? Our hallmarks:


  • A specialized addiction treatment center;
  • A licensed and certified medical center;
  • A complete set of modern medical equipment;
  • A complete list of medicines;
  • Application of effective and advanced techniques only;
  • Research and educational activities;
  • Highly-qualified staff;
  • Fluent communication with foreign patients;


Lasting results in a short time frame!


Unique approaches!


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Alcohol use prevention is a sure step towards a healthy lifestyle!
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