Getting out of the binge

A person with alcohol addiction can often lose control over alcohol drinking, which can lead to a state of binge drinking (systematic daily drinking of high doses of alcohol). Severe intoxication with ethyl alcohol poses a serious threat to human life and health. It is impossible to get out of this state without the help of narcologists. MedicoMente (Kyiv) provides services for quickly getting out of binge drinking in a comfortable environment.

What is the binge?

Binge drinking is the systematic heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages for several days. This condition is characterized by intoxication and psychological addiction when a person cannot stop drinking and overcoming the hangover syndrome.


Types of binge drinking:


  • Pseudo-binge (duration depends on the situation and factors, without any clear regular pattern);
  • Constant binge with high tolerance to ethyl alcohol (daily alcohol consumption for several weeks or even months);
  • Intermittent binge (the volume of alcohol consumed increases sharply and significantly);
  • Real binge (cyclical periods of intense craving for alcohol, which arise and are accompanied by changes in the somatic and mental nature);
  • Constant binge with low tolerance to ethyl alcohol (drinking alcohol in small doses multiple times throughout the day, being in a constant state of intoxication due to low tolerance).


Our narcologists at MedicoMente (Kyiv) help to get out of the binge, deal even with the most difficult cases; the level of the clinic’s facilities and the competency of our clinicians guarantee a positive result.


The causes of the formation of the binge can be as follows:


  • Heredity;
  • Severe stress;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Injury to the brain and central nervous system;
  • Complicated forms of alcoholism;
  • Long-term anesthesia;
  • Teenage alcoholism;
  • Female alcoholism.

Symptoms, consequences, signs

  • the desire to have a drink;
  • loss of appetite, vomiting;
  • headache;
  • high blood pressure;
  • tachycardia;
  • coordination disorder, disorientation;
  • limb tremor;
  • auditory and visual hallucinations;
  • sudden aggression and anxiety;
  • thoughts of suicide.

Long-term and severe alcohol intoxication destroys all systems and functions of the body, leading to death.


Resisting consultation with a narcologist and treatment may lead to the following consequences:


  • gastrointestinal disorders (cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, gastritis, ulcers, renal failure, internal bleeding);
  • cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart attack);
  • disorders of the central nervous system (convulsions, epilepsy, alcoholic coma);
  • brain disorders (alcoholic dementia, dementia);
  • reproductive disorders (impotence, infertility);
  • mental disorders (psychosis, panic attacks, hallucinations, delirium tremens).

Getting out of the binge at MedicoMente (Kyiv)

Getting out of the binge interrupts the consumption of alcohol, which makes it possible to avoid devastating consequences and becomes the pivot point in the treatment of alcoholism.


Treatment is provided in the intensive care unit under round-the-clock medical supervision and with the strictest confidentiality. The narcologists of MedicoMente (Kyiv) will help a patient to recover physically and mentally.


Original licensed techniques of MedicoMente (Kyiv), international guidelines, and an individualized approach help in fighting over the patient’s health.


Getting out of the binge in our clinic is comfortable, safe, and painless.


An anesthesiologist and as well as a psychotherapist-narcologist assist you from the first visit until the end of the therapy.


The patient undergoes a mandatory comprehensive physical examination (tests, ultrasound examination, ECG), examinations by a therapist and other specialists (if necessary).


If necessary, a detailed treatment plan is drawn up, which consists of the following stages:


  • detoxification;
  • motivation;
  • psychotherapy;
  • aversive therapy;
  • ibogaine therapy;
  • additional therapy (optional);
  • implant (optional).


MedicoMente (Kyiv) provides supportive therapy throughout the year (outpatient stage) in the form of consultations and follow-ups, even after complete recovery from alcohol addiction.

Binge prevention

Binge prevention is an important step to staying healthy. Narcologists-psychotherapists of MedicoMente (Kyiv) advise patients in detail on this issue. Here are some recommendations:


  • Point refusal from any alcohol offered even by close people and for any, even the most important or good reason.
  • Change of social environment for those who stay and help you to stay sober.
  • Refocusing on healthy interests: sports, healthy hobbies, travel, work.

Conditions for the treatment of alcoholism in the clinic “MedicoMente”

Our clinic provides treatment in-patient and on a voluntary basis only, which guarantees control of recovery.


Our clinic offers the most comfortable conditions (4+ star hotel):


  • 1, 2, and 3-bed spacious rooms of hotel comfort level.
  • Individual full board, and if necessary – dietary, as per doctor’s recommendations.
  • 24-hour security and surveillance.
  • Gym, fitness, physiotherapy.
  • Massages, yoga, beautician services, and anti-aging treatments.
  • Lounge for relaxation and communication, cable TV, Wi-Fi.
  • Recreation with the use of expert-class hardware equipment.


The cost of services at MedicoMente (Kyiv) is calculated for each patient individually, without any hidden payments, according to the clinic’s price list, treatment regimen, and state at admission. Bundled services are available.


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Getting out of the binge will be your first step towards a sober life.
You are not alone! We are offering you immediate support. Contact us!

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