Plasmapheresis in the clinic MedicoMente – Kiev, Ukraine

What is plasmapheresis?

Over the course of our lives, many toxins, metabolites, allergens, lipids and cholesterol, salts of heavy metals, and the remains of medicines accumulate in our body. Normally, their excretion is associated with the filtration functions of the body, which performs natural filters – the liver and kidneys. But, over time, after a number of diseases, under the influence of allergens, due to the lifestyle, the intake of various substances and alcohol, many substances accumulate in the body that poison it and disrupt the normal functioning of the body. Our biological filters are no longer able to fully cope with their function, as a result: the general condition worsens, the functioning of organs and systems is impaired, chronic diseases are aggravated, allergic reactions are aggravated, and immunity is impaired.

For effective “body cleansing”extracorporeal methods are actively used today: plasmapheresis, hemadsorption, hemodialysis. The essence of these methods is microfiltration and partial removal of plasma containing toxins, metabolites, allergens, excess salts and lipids, and the remains of medical and narcotic substances. At the same time, blood cells and purified plasma are returned back, and its removed fraction is filled up with “artificial plasma” plasma-substituting solutions. Depending on the method of plasma isolation, they emit: hardware (membrane) and centrifugal (sedimentation) plasmapheresis.

How is plasmapheresis carried out?

In our clinic, we use an extremely high-performance modern technique of hardware-membrane blood purification on the “Hemofenix” apparatus using original disposable systems and filters, plasma-replacing ACD-A concentrate, “macopharma” (France). To achieve the maximum process of plasma purification and activation of blood cells, in parallel, intravenous laser and ultraviolet irradiation-activation of blood cells is used through the fiber-optic LED of the “Lazmik-VLOK” apparatus. The whole procedure is carried out through one peripheral intravenous catheter, its duration is 1.5-2 hours, while it is completely safe, painless and performed automatically, under the supervision of an anesthetist.

After a comfortable and painless detoxification process from opiates, psychostimulants, alcohol and medications, we recommend that patients undergo a course of additional blood purification at the molecular level. Plasmapheresis allows you to cleanse the body as much as possible not only from narcotic substances and alcohol, but also from residual toxins and metabolites, harmful proteins and lipids, antigens and antibodies, hormones and immune complexes. This technique will allow you to quickly and comfortably accelerate the recovery process of your body and its physiological functions, immune balance and homeostasis, improve the general condition.

Intensive detoxification: indications and contraindications

To date, in medical practice, indications for plasmapheresis are very broad and are used for more than 200 diseases and a number of impaired functions and processes in the body, such as:


  • a variety of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases;
  • consequences of viral and infectious lesions;
  • atherosclerotic and rheumatoid disorders;
  • various allergic conditions and intoxications;
  • violation of the function of the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid gland and adrenal function;
  • bronchial asthma, dermatitis, arthritis, vasculitis, herpetic infection;
  • multiple sclerosis, encephalopathy, diabetes and other chronic diseases;
  • poisoning with ethyl alcohol, a hangover, drug addiction, substance abuse.


Contraindications for extracorporeal blood purification methods:


  • acute lesions of the brain and heart;
  • increased bleeding and heavy bleeding;
  • uncompensated arrhythmias and low protein content in blood plasma;
  • acute infectious diseases.



Before prescribing and conducting the “Plasmapheresis” procedure, we will certainly collect an anamnesis of life and diseases, conduct an examination, evaluate the results of laboratory tests and additional examinations (ECG, ultrasound scan, X-ray, etc.), if necessary.

If you have additional questions about this procedure, contact the clinic specialists for qualified advice.


Regards, The MedicoMente Clinic Team.

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