Opioid addiction treatment in the clinic MedicoMente – Kiev, Ukraine

Opiates have been known to mankind for a long time. They are used as sedatives and anesthetics. But, due to complications and rapid addiction, this group of drugs has been classified as hard drugs, and their use in medicine is under strict indications and control.


Our center successfully and promptly provides the treatment of opioid addiction of various stages and methods of use.

Opioid addiction: what is it?

Opiates are a group of narcotic substances of plant (opium), semi-synthetic (heroin), and synthetic (methadone) origin, acting on the opioid receptors of the central nervous system (CNS) and the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of the human body.


Opiates have strong analgesic and sedative effects on the body, inhibiting respiratory and intestinal functions.


Opioid addiction develops quickly enough, and in the case of heroin – instantly.

Ways of drug use

Drugs are used in several ways:


  • intravenously (carries special risks of infection with concomitant diseases: hepatitis, HIV, AIDS).
  • intramuscularly;
  • orally;
  • inhaling smoke (by smoking);
  • inhaling powdered drug fractions.

Signs of opioid addiction

An important factor in the treatment of opioid addiction is to promptly seek medical help.


Any of the following signs must be a reason to urgently contact a drug addiction treatment center:


  • needle marks on the body;
  • constricted pupils;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • fainting;
  • irritation/redness around the nose area;
  • a strange smell from clothes and the human body;
  • a sharp decrease in appetite and weight;
  • lack of coordination;
  • swings in mood and behavior;
  • change of the social environment, criminalization of life.


A free consultation with a drug addiction specialist of our center can save the life of your loved ones from drug addiction!

Consequences of opioid addiction

Drugs destroy the body by acting on organs and systems, sometimes irreversiblly:


  • respiratory dysfunction;
  • digestive dysfunction;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • mental disorders;
  • concomitant diseases.



We would like to note the particular danger of opioid withdrawal. These are physical and mental sensations that causes difficult and dangerous conditions of the body of the addict. Help during withdrawal symptoms should be provided as soon as possible. To remove physical sensations, the body requires higher doses each time, which can lead to an overdose, respiratory arrest, and the death of the addict.


Our center provides comprehensive, quick, professional, and individual treatment of opioid addiction.


The treatment starts with a consultation, examination, tests and imaging studies (if necessary).


After collecting all the data, the doctor prescribes the following courses of treatment:


  • detoxification (Ultrafast opioid detoxification method);
  • medication;
  • hardware body cleansing;
  • implants (with unique medicines that block the effect of the drug);
  • psychotherapy as a special type of treatment at all other stages of therapy;
  • rehabilitation therapy;
  • adjunct therapy (if necessary).


After all the main courses of treatment, the patient stays under the supervision of our specialists for some time (about a year or as prescribed by a doctor).


In the case of implanted drugs, the patient undergoes monitoring as per the doctor’s prescription.

Stay and accommodation

We offer comfortable conditions for stay: 1-2-3-bed rooms, Lux and VIP rooms, internet, full board.


All procedures in our center are strictly anonymous and confidential (a non-disclosure agreement is signed, documents are encrypted).


Treatment takes place in a safe environment (the clinic is guarded and monitored around the clock).



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If necessary, we provide transfer from Kyiv airports and train stations.



Opioid addiction is not destiny!
We are ready to help you live healthy and sober life!


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