Methadone detoxification in Kyiv

Methadone is understood to mean a potent drug of the opiate group. Its use causes severe damage to important vital organs, mental disorders, and can be fatal.


Death can also occur as a result of uncontrolled and excessive use of the narcotic substance. In Ukraine, in 2019, the part of those methadone-addicted Ukrainians who died accounted for 23% of the total number of drug deaths.



Signs and symptoms


Methadone use is the main cause of severe addiction. It develops quickly and leaves almost no chances to get rid of it without help.


Methadone addiction has not only external signs but also changes the psyche and thinking. A person loses concentration, develops poor memory and non-adequate behavior. Often there are episodes of aggression, followed by feelings of euphoria.


Also, methadone addicts complain of insomnia and poor motor coordination. The main consequences of methadone use are:


  • Pale skin;
  • Poor appetite and weight loss;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Cloudy or reddish eyes;
  • Dilated or constricted pupils;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Slowing down of speech;
  • Problems with stool and urination.


In addition, the risk of methadone overdose is quite high. Excessive drug use causes:


  • circulatory disorders, which can threaten thrombosis and stroke;
  • liver cirrhosis;
  • decalcification and lack of other minerals, making bones brittle and break-prone;
  • sexual problems – 60% of men complain of impotence, and women suffer from menstrual disorders and hormonal disbalance.


The effects and consequences of methadone use on the human body are different from other drugs



Methadone withdrawal symptoms


Many think methadone is safer than other drugs but in reality it leads to even greater addiction, and the duration of “withdrawal” can be about a month.


If methadone withdrawal occurs, the addict needs to urgently consult a specialist, as this condition is characterized by severe discomfort and sever course, even stronger than heroin withdrawal. Doctors advise against trying to get rid of withdrawal symptoms by yourselves.


Methadone withdrawal has the following features:


  • Severe depression and panic;
  • Strongest fear;
  • Constant nausea, incessant vomiting and urging;
  • Severe pain in the body;
  • Breathing disorders;
  • A high degree of sweating;
  • Fever;
  • Sharp weakness.


To get rid of methadone addiction, it is better contacting a qualified doctor, whose professionalism and attentive care to the patient will help overcome withdrawal symptoms.



Methods of treatment in MedicoMente


Experts recommend in-patient treatment of methadone addiction in a specialized medical institution in Kyiv. Treatment takes place in a drug addiction treatment center under the supervision of doctors so that the result has an effect. After treatment, a person will forget about drugs forever.


The following are methods for getting rid of methadone addiction:


  • Detoxification;
  • Relief of withdrawal symptoms;
  • Restoration of the functions of internal organs;
  • Sessions with psychotherapists;
  • Coding;
  • Rehabilitation.


Detoxification means removing toxins from all vital human organs. Usually, the patient receives intravenous infusions of special drugs. But before that, the doctor examines the patient and prepares him for the procedure. To improve the condition, doctors use a quick detox in Kyiv.


Doctors can add various vitamins, general tonic agents, hepatoprotectors and cardioprotectors to the intravenous infusions.


After being coded, a person gets rid of the action of opiates, making drug addiction disappear forever. Conversations with a psychotherapist are quite an important stage that helps to normalize the psyche.


Specialists talk with patients either individually or in group meetings. Rehabilitation after treatment is also considered important, helping not only the recovered person but also his loved ones.



Accommodation conditions and options at MedicoMente


Not every medical facility tackles methadone addiction treatment. Withdrawal syndrome is difficult due to general physical exhaustion. This requires the use of a rapid methadone detox in Kyiv under medication-induced coma.


Getting rid of methadone drug addiction in the clinic is a long and laborious process. The procedure begins with an individual selection of detoxification, considering the length of use and the patient’s condition. Another individual selection of detoxification will allow you to apply a quick version of the Turbo Detox program in Kyiv.


Due to the use of certified drugs, the body can be cleansed within 8-12 hours while under anesthesia. During this period, the patient receives anti-opiate drugs via injection, which remove morphine residues.


The body is cleansed, but “cold turkey” does not disappear immediately. Classic detoxification lasts about 2 weeks, and the patient is prescribed a course of sedatives and hypnotics. These substances neutralize withdrawal symptoms.


In addition, getting rid of drug addiction requires special conditions for patients by medical personnel. Doctors use innovative solutions and modern approaches for methadone therapy.


The doctors of MedicoMente provide a comfortable stay in the detoxification department and medical center.


The detoxification department of the clinic has intensive care wards, a manipulation room, and a diagnostic room. MedicoMente has state-of-the-art equipment and offers high-level comfort to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. This is how the former drug addict is reintegrated into society.



Enjoy a professional medical consultation and the opportunity to make the right choice of treatment at MedicoMente.

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