Diagnosis of drug addiction in the clinic MedicoMente – Kiev, Ukraine


Diagnosing drug addiction is crucial and fundamental for the objective assessment of the patient’s body and the treatment prescription.


Our clinic can identify opiates, psychedelics, solvents, marijuana, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, and all other types of drugs. We use proven diagnostics that provide fast results.

Methods of diagnosis

Drug addiction is diagnosed by clinical, paraclinical, genetic examination of the patient, laboratory tests of biological material, and screening of drug use.

Signs of drug addiction

At the initial stage of drug use, the signs may be undistinguished and quite similar to the usual mood swings or mild illness. But, such constant or systemic unusual behavior is a reason to sound the alarm. Doctors strongly recommend being attentive to people at risk.


Here are some common signs of drug use that worth attention:


changes in behavior:


  • aggression/cruelty,
  • mental imbalance,
  • drowsiness, apathy,
  • isolation, suicidal tendencies,
  • disinterest in the world around;


physical changes:


  • poor photoreaction of pupils (dilated/narrowed),
  • bloodshot eyes, swollen eyelids,
  • retarded movements,
  • weight loss, loss of appetite,
  • needle marks, unusual spots on the body,
  • chemical breath,
  • rash or redness around the nose/mouth,
  • blackouts, hallucinations;


social changes:


  • change of social environment,
  • conflicts in the family,
  • problems at school, work;


criminal changes:


  • property and car theft,
  • robberies, murders;


concomitant diseases:


  • AIDS, hepatitis B and C,
  • infectious and venereal diseases,
  • mental disorders,
  • gastrointestinal problems, etc.



A variety of narcotic drugs carries various types of body reactions, symptoms of intoxication, personality disorders, concomitant diseases.


In case of any suspicions, do not hesitate to contact a narcologist. A professional consultation will dispel your suspicions or facilitate and help the patient to break his/her habit.

Diagnosis of drug addiction in MedicoMente, Kyiv

Free initial consultation. 


During the first visit, a psychotherapist-narcologist will talk with the patient and/or his/her relatives to take a history of:


  • past diseases, surgical interventions, traumas, heredity, family environment, character traits, etc.;
  • becoming a drug-addicted, the nature and dynamics of drug use, identification of the causes of drug craving, previous therapy and its results, relapses, etc.



The initial visit and comprehensive examination for diagnosing the state of the body: 


  • physical examination,
  • laboratory tests of biological material,
  • instrumental studies (ultrasound, electrocardiography),
  • if necessary, an examination by related specialists (cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, etc.).


In case of any concomitant diseases or dysfunctions detected, the treatment regimen is subject to review.

Diagnosis of drug use

Laboratory tests:


  • clinical and chemical urine/blood tests,
  • emergency tests in case of acute intoxication.



Instrumental studies:


  • ultrasound examination,
  • electrocardiography.


Narcotic substance tests.

Patient reviews on addiction treatment

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