MedicoMente is a modern addiction treatment center


Our medical center meets international standards, subject to all aspects of control of various types of addiction. We manage our patients from their first visit to the end of rehabilitation. Our patients are assisted at all stages to maintain their motivation and desire for a conscious life.


Our mission is to provide in Ukraine support to addicts and their relatives using the most effective, best-practice methods.


Our goal is to create an international center where people from anywhere in the world could get quality treatment (rather than switching to other types) of addiction and mental disorders.


Our specialists used to practice in foreign clinics to adopt the best practices, select the most effective methods, and open a center providing a unique combination of high-quality treatment of all types of addiction and a five-star-hotel comfort.


Now we know for sure that coping with addiction is possible and that “ex-addicts” exist.


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MedicoMente is:


  • Painless and safe treatment: starting from detoxification in the intensive care unit to complete physical and mental recovery.
  • Сomfortable stay in single and double spacious hotel-type wards with round-the-clock professional supervision.
  • Restaurant food is delivered to the clinic three times a day considering the wishes of the patient and indications for a therapeutic diet (if necessary).
  • The safety of patients and staff is ensured by our reliable partners – security companies, and round-the-clock video surveillance in public places.
  • A recreation and communication room, cable TV, Wi-Fi Internet access, a modern gym, physiotherapy, and various types of massage make the stay in the clinic during treatment a vacation in the top-level hotels. Patients relax and recover much faster.
  • Full recovery of the body is possible due to mechanical techniques: plasmapheresis, laser and ultraviolet irradiation of blood, and lymphatic drainage provided with expert-class equipment.


  • To normalize the functions of the nervous system, neurometabolic therapy is used as additional methods. In the case of any concomitant diseases, appropriate courses of treatment are prescribed.
  • Psychotherapeutic support throughout the entire course solves the patient’s problems to the core, revealing the causes of mental addiction to narcotic substances, alcohol, and other disorders (panic attacks, anxiety, depression) and effectively copes with them. This allows avoiding complications and relapses. Specialists are sensitive to the slightest changes in consciousness, help to get along with new emotions, feelings, thoughts and focus on a full recovery.
  • The center conducts tests for sobriety, drugs, and other psychoactive substances, instrumental studies (ultrasound, ECG), and the partner laboratory performs more complex analyzes.
  • All patients are guaranteed complete confidentiality.




Medical tourism


Foreign visitors have already appreciated the center. A comprehensive approach (from complete diagnosis and ultra-fast painless detoxification to rehabilitation), modern effective methods using original drugs, and quality service constantly stay high in favor of our patients.


We meet our clients at the airport or at the railway station and provide a convenient transfer. Additional advantages are no language barrier, European cuisine, and a stay in luxury wards.


Our specialists take care of you


  • The constant staff accounts for 8 doctors in all necessary areas: anesthesiology, intensive care, narcology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, neurology, and therapy.
  • All our doctors have extensive experience in narcology, internships, and training in European clinics.
  • The medical center is equipped with all necessary equipment for detoxification, recovery, and proper care. The goal of treatment is the complete recovery of the body and the renewal of consciousness.
  • Skincare services and anti-aging procedures will complement internal changes with pleasant external upgrades.
  • The medical center has a license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; programs developed by our specialists comply with internal and international protocols for the treatment of addiction and correction of mental disorders.


Our team

We have put together a team of experienced doctors who worked in European clinics and brought to Ukraine the most advanced techniques that will help get rid of the addiction in a painless, quick, and comfortable way. We will do everything to get over the disease forever.