MedicoMente – Private Addiction Treatment Clinic | Kyiv, Ukraine

Our addiction treatment medical center is licensed and certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Our top-class facilities will make your recovery a real and achievable goal within specific terms. Our specialists apply a comprehensive approach to the problem of addiction.

Addiction is not destiny!

MedicoMente private addiction treatment center provides effective treatment of drug and alcohol addiction due to an individual approach, complete diagnostics, psychotherapy, constant monitoring of health status and correction of treatment.


An individual and client-centered approach of such services ensures the patient’s recovery and the professional interest of a private medical center to return a person to a full life. Even the next stage, outpatient follow-up, after inpatient treatment, does not leave the patient alone with the engulfing real life.


During the first free visit to a psychotherapist-narcologist, you will scale the problem, identify the causes and consequences of taking psychoactive substances.


The next stage is diagnostics: it determines the true state of physical and mental health, the severity of addiction, concomitant diseases and pathologies. This is an important stage, including determining the length of stay in the center and the complexity/staging of the patient’s treatment.
The treatment course is a combination application of medication, psychotherapeutic and hardware treatment using unique techniques (hypnotherapy, ibogaine therapy, implants). At this stage, specialists and staff of the addiction treatment center monitor the patient’s condition, provide maximum care, create a favorable environment for the patient’s speedy recovery.


The recovery phase of treatment in our addiction treatment center in Kyiv places a priority on comfort and early recovery of its patients. This is facilitated by physiotherapy, massage, hardware blood and lymph cleansing methods (plasmapheresis, laser and ultraviolet blood irradiation, lymphatic drainage), nervous system recovery procedures (neurometabolic therapy, electro-neuro-cranio stimulation and modulation).


Our addiction treatment center makes a particular focus on acute and critical conditions in withdrawal symptoms (cold turkey), during detoxification from psychoactive substances. Having own specialized intensive care unit with licensed equipment, the specialists of the center quickly and painlessly relieve severe conditions associated with long-term use of psychoactive substances (alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic drugs, overdose of pharmacological drugs).


A special aspect to note is the work of our psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. They all have completed an internship and trained in clinics of Europe and continue constantly developing and improving in their areas. Blocking breakdowns, adapting to a sober life, the emotional-figurative and personality-oriented therapy and relaxing techniques are an integral part of their work at all stages of treatment of addiction and recovery of the patient’s health.


The addiction treatment clinic in Kyiv stays keeping in touch with the patient even after completion of inpatient treatment and discharge. Throughout the year, the patient receives the necessary diversified assistance and support.

Our facilities:

It is a private, anonymous addiction treatment clinic that can provide you with the following services:


  • Comfortable rooms: 1-3-bed rooms, VIP, Suite ( 4+✯ hotel level).
  • Full board, and dietary nutrition.
  • 24h specialist supervision.
  • Total confidentiality (under contract).
  • Private security and state security service 24/7.
  • Lounge zone for relaxation and communication, Wi-Fi, cable TV.
  • Sport and fitness gym.
  • Physiotherapy treatments.



Contact us:




Our address: Medovaia Str., 10, Kalyna horticultural society, Hnedynska village council, Boryspil district, Kyiv region (located on the left bank of Kyiv, a 30-minute drive from the city center)


If necessary, we provide transfer from Kyiv airports, train and bus stations.


Your life and health is a value we help to preserve and return!

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