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Teen alcohol abuse and its treatment is a serious medical and social problem tough for both young patients and their parents. The task of our clinic, MedicoMente, is help quickly, safely, and painlessly in such a serious problem, cure a teenager and support his family in distress.

What is teenage alcohol abuse?

Teen (child) alcohol abuse is a severe mental addiction with the transition to a chronic stage (a type of substance abuse), characterized by an addiction to the use of alcoholic beverages by adolescents. A type of alcoholism, difficult to identify and treat, dangerous for the quick development of physical and mental components of addiction, with severe medical-social and medical-biological consequences.

Causes of alcohol addiction

Causes of teen (child) alcohol abuse are as follows:


  • psychological (depression, feelings of loneliness and misunderstanding in the family, interest, influence of peers, impossibility of refusal, alcohol advertising, imitation of elders and the desire to grow up faster, alcohol-addicted relatives);
  • physiological (low resistance of the growing organism, rapid addiction and growing tolerance to alcohol);
  • social (accessibility, popularity, constant and ubiquitous advertising of alcohol, social environment)
  • family (alcohol-addicted parents; often low alcohol drinks are misconsidered as non-dangerous for a child)



As many organs and systems are just being formed, alcohol addiction in teenagers develops faster than in adults, which is the main problem in the treatment and recovery of the body.


Treatment of teen alcohol addiction requires doctors to be particularly delicate and highly skilled.

Stages of alcohol addiction

A teenager can start drinking just for the fun of it, “to join the crowd”. Here, the task of parents, teachers and the close environment is to catch the moment, immediately seek professional help in a specialized medical clinic.


Stage 0: casual or situational use of small amounts of alcohol (for example: beer, low alcohol drinks, alcoholic cocktails) with mild psychological addiction. Risk of losing control over the use and the transition to the next stage of addiction.


Stage 1: mental alcohol addiction. Characteristics: an obsessive desire to drink alcohol, increasing doses and choosing stronger drinks, loss of body response (nausea, vomiting) to an excess of alcohol, change in tolerance and reactivity to alcohol.


Stage 2: physical and mental alcohol addiction. Characteristics: systematic alcohol use due to the somatic status and hormonal disorders, hangover syndrome, binge drinking, alcoholic psychosis, delirium.


Stage 3: physiological changes – extreme addiction. Characteristics: zero alcohol tolerance, indiscriminate use of alcohol, complete physical addiction, psychosomatic disorders (personality degradation, irreversible damage to the central nervous system, brain, gastrointestinal tract, circulatory system, and other organs).


Treatment of alcohol addiction can be started at any of these stages, but ensures easier and faster stable results if started early.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Signs of alcohol use in teenagers:


  • characteristic smell of alcohol;
  • discoordination;
  • aggression;
  • change of environment (dubious friends);
  • problems with study, conflicts at an educational institution;
  • asocial lifestyle;
  • change of habits and needs;
  • denial of the problem, attempts to justify themselves;
  • untidiness;
  • missing things and valuables from home.


Any of these symptoms should make alert, in case of any suspicions, do not hesitate to contact a narcologist. Our specialists will help to find the truth, diagnose the problem, and motivate the teenager to treatment.

Consequences of alcohol addiction

Any alcohol is detrimental to a growing body!


It gives no chance to grow up mentally and physically healthy!


All organs and systems degrade, and functional deformation of the immature body starts:


  • Gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, dystrophy and cirrhosis of the liver);
  • Hormonal regulation (diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis)
  • Cardiovascular system (myocardial dystrophy – non-inflammatory damage to the heart muscle, varicose veins);
  • Psyche (severe mental disorders);
  • Higher nervous activity (decreased brain activity, memory impairment, addiction to alcohol);
  • Behavioral degradation (early sexual activity, pregnancy, concomitant diseases such as AIDS, venereal and infectious diseases).


Treatment of teen as well as child alcohol abuse is a multidisciplinary challenge our specialists successfully cope with.

More about treatment of teen alcohol abuse at MedicoMente (Kyiv)

Treatment of teen alcohol abuse starts with a free initial visit.


A narcologist assists a teenager (child) from the first visit until the end of the treatment course. The doctor considers all the features of the child and teen psyche. Family psychotherapy sessions are provided, if necessary.


The patient undergoes a mandatory comprehensive physical examination, laboratory tests, alcohol tests, ultrasound examination, ECG, examinations by a therapist and other specialists (if necessary).


The doctor makes a detailed plan of treatment and further rehabilitation.


In-patient treatment of teen alcohol abuse consists of the following stages:


  • motivation;
  • detoxification;
  • psychotherapy;
  • age- and stage-appropriate medication;
  • adjunctive therapy (optional, as per recommendations).



MedicoMente provides supportive therapy throughout the year (outpatient stage) in the form of consultations and follow-ups, even after complete recovery from alcohol addiction.


Our clinic provides treatment in-patient and on a voluntary basis only, which guarantees control of recovery and a 100% result. The clinic offers the most comfortable accommodation (4+*hotel):


  • 1-3-bed, luxury and VIP rooms.
  • full board, and if necessary – dietary nutrition.
  • 24-hour security and surveillance.
  • strict confidentiality.
  • massage, physiotherapy.
  • lounge zone for relaxation and communication.
  • sport and fitness gym.
  • cable TV, Wi-Fi.



The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment regimen, and state at admission.



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