Effective use of ibogaine for alcohol addiction

Ibogaine properties

Ibogaine is a unique natural remedy, produced from the root of the Iboga plant (Tabernanthe Iboga), which has been used in medical practice for a long time, unprecedented in its effectiveness. Usually, Ibogaine is used orally, in the form of a white powder with a pronounced bitter taste or as gelatin capsules containing the powder inside to avoid vomiting and discomfort during administration.


Iboga extract began to be actively studied and applied in the middle of the last century in America, and then in Europe, in the treatment of severe mental disorders, various types of drug and alcohol addiction. The remedy has the following unique properties:


  • the most powerful known psychedelic;
  • has a pronounced effect of relieving withdrawal symptoms;
  • actively influences the elimination of subconscious causes of addiction.


Nowadays, ibogaine is actively used in medicine, mainly to treat withdrawal symptoms against the background of drug withdrawal. Iboga can also act as a strong stimulant. If used in small doses (Micro dosing), it relieves fatigue, adds energy and vitality to the body. High doses provide the maximum restorative, psychostabilizing, and spiritual effects while causing no addiction to the drug.

Therapeutic application of ibogaine

Ibogaine treatment today can be considered an alternative drug treatment for various types of addictions. The use of small amounts of the alkaloid can have a mild stimulant effect, while high doses can solve many problems.


High doses have been reported to greatly reduce or eliminate the withdrawal of opioids (heroin, methadone, opium). This explains the ability of ibogaine to suppress drug cravings for many months and even years after treatment.


As patients state, ibogaine helped them to enter such a psychedelic state where they could understand the reason for the use of narcotic substances and the development of addiction. This significantly accelerated the recovery process because the highest rates for getting rid of addiction were among people who, in addition to high-quality detoxification and psychotherapy, simultaneously received treatment with ibogaine, and thus achieved stable and long-term remission.


However, this substance is anything but a panacea with an unconditional guarantee. Ibogaine therapy in combination with medications and psychological support gives very good positive results.

Effectiveness of ibogaine for alcohol addiction

Like other types of addiction, pathological alcohol abuse is one of the ways to escape from some problem, or to drown out the emotional pain from some kind of trauma, and, often, to hide from oneself, and a person is not able to cope with this unaided. Prolonged use of alcohol evolves into persistent physical and psychological addiction, and a person is no longer able to independently return to a normal, conscious, sober lifestyle.


Ibogaine is often used to treat alcohol addiction. There is the so-called withdrawal syndrome, which is characterized by many symptoms, strong emotional experiences, painful sensations in the body. Alcohol causes severe physical and mental addiction, which traditional treatment methods cannot always deal with.


Therefore, ibogaine is effective for alcohol addiction by interrupting the withdrawal syndrome and reviving the alcoholic. The remedy helps to activate the psycho-emotional component of addiction, recognize the cause, and realize the consequences.


Ibogaine acts at different levels, solving many aspects of alcohol addiction, helping to eliminate the craving for alcohol, consciously avoiding alcohol use, and quickly and gently relieving long-term depression.


However, therapy alone is not enough for a full recovery. It requires constant self-improvement and personal motivation, which are the key to full recovery.


The use of iboga will definitely help to cope with alcohol addiction but full recovery is possible only if a person sincerely wishes to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Safety of ibogaine as a therapy

Ibogaine does not cause addiction; thus it can be used even several times to achieve and maintain maximum remission, thereby protecting a person from possible breakdowns.


At the same time, treatment with Iboga requires experienced qualified personnel, a specially equipped medical room, as well as a complete preliminary diagnostic examination of the patient. Using the drug in the right conditions and in compliance with all the rules minimizes the negative consequences. However, the therapy has some strict contraindications too:


  • congenital heart defect;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • heart failure;
  • arrhythmia;
  • anemia;
  • thromboses;
  • severe mental disorders;
  • strokes, heart attacks, and other vascular pathologies;
  • unaided use of the drug.



Having decided on ibogaine therapy, a patient first needs to undergo a thorough medical examination, full detoxification, and specific physical and psychological training. If a patient is diagnosed with serious mental or physiological disorders, ibogaine therapy can have an extremely negative effect, causing even more pronounced anxiety states, and the use of such substances without professional medical assistance can often do more harm than good.

Alcohol addiction treatment with ibogaine at MedicoMente

MedicoMente offers constant medical support with a full examination of the patient, which is the main prerequisite for high-quality treatment of alcohol addiction with ibogaine in Kyiv, along with the mandatory preliminary detoxification and stabilization of the body. It is used to avoid the serious consequences of drug and/or alcohol interaction on the body in combination with ibogaine. It is also relevant in cases where a person has been taking psychostimulants or medications with similar effects for a long time.


Self-treatment with ibogaine is dangerous and strictly contraindicated. Successful therapy is possible only if provided in a medical center under close professional supervision.



MedicoMente offers its patients comfortable inpatient conditions with various accommodation options. The medical center keeps all patient’s data strictly confidential, provides round-the-clock security and medical supervision.



Treatment with ibogaine at MedicoMente, Kyiv, ensures a quick high-quality result and stable remission, which will significantly improve the level and quality of a person’s life.



The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually according to the clinic’s price list, treatment regimen, and state at admission.


Making an appointment is quite simple:




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