Combination treatment as the most effective method for panic attacks

Panic attacks have become an even more common problem today and are increasingly occurring among urban residents. Spontaneous feelings of anxiety, fear, dizziness, trembling in the body, heart palpitations, chills, suicidal thoughts. On the one hand, these are harmless conditions, but when combined, panic attacks with the above signs and symptoms can cause the development of even more serious disorders.


Not every person can cope with panic attacks unassisted, and their prolonged and constant repetition can cause serious harm to the nervous system and the general state of human health.


Panic attacks are treated in Kyiv at MedicoMente. The clinic’s specialists use an individual approach to each patient and offer a combination therapy that provides the most successful treatment results.

What is panic attack

Panic attack is a neurotic disorder with such signs as anxiety attacks and unexplained fear combined with somatic symptoms. The attack can begin with various physiological ailments, continue for about thirty minutes, and end, leaving behind a feeling of helplessness and fear of a possible repetition.


Panic attacks can be complicated by:


  • agoraphobia – fear of going outside;
  • claustrophobia – fear of confined spaces;
  • aviaphobia – fear of air travel;
  • signs of deep depression.


Such attacks lasting a year or more are called panic disorder.

Symptoms and signs of a panic attack

The most important sign of a panic attack at any time of the day is an attack of sudden anxiety, characterized by the following symptoms and their combination:


  • sudden feeling of fear and anxiety, fear of death;
  • rapid heart rate, chest pain;
  • shortage of breath, rapid breathing;
  • dizziness and general weakness;
  • hyperhidrosis, sweating, chills;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • jelly legs, numbness of limbs;
  • feeling of derealization.


These conditions can develop spontaneously, anytime, anywhere. An autonomic crisis can last from several minutes to several hours. On average, the state lasts about half an hour.


The attack itself doesn’t harm the body. However, its regular repetition and somatic signs can lead to negative consequences, the development of phobias, neuroses and depressive conditions.


Currently, the causes of anxiety disorders are being actively investigated. According to the observations of physicians, these vegetative manifestations are very common in patients with a diagnosis of autonomic vascular dystonia. An uncontrolled panic attack can occur in people who have been under stress for a long time or suffered some kind of mental illness.


Possible causes of panic attacks can be as follows:


  • mental illnesses;
  • frequent stress;
  • true depression;
  • lack of sleep, fatigue;
  • uncontrolled increase in anxiety;
  • disorders of central nervous system;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • pregnancy, delivery, lactation;
  • cardiac and endocrine disorders.


Sometimes hormonal and some somatic disorders can also cause attacks. For example: cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine system. Also, certain medications, drugs, alcohol abuse can cause autonomic crises in the form of side effects.

Treatment methods and approaches

The appropriate method of treatment is selected individually for each patient by a psychiatrist-psychotherapist. Each program often consists of the following stages: physical examination, identification of the main symptoms and signs of the disease, work with the root causes and triggers of attacks.


Once diagnosed, it is important to rule out somatic causes. For this purpose, the patient is prescribed additional laboratory and imaging studies. In the treatment of panic disorder, psychotherapeutic methods are used that help understand the causes of anxiety, work out new reactions to traumatic events and successfully cope with anxiety attacks.


Medication is prescribed exclusively by a psychiatrist based on research. With sufficiently obvious symptoms and signs of the disease, drugs such as beta-blockers, tranquilizers, antidepressants can be prescribed.


Pharmaco-hypnotic treatment makes the patient relax and actively work out the root causes of anxiety.


Clinical hypnosis has a positive effect on almost any disease associated with a violation of the regulatory functions of the central nervous system.


Psychedelic sessions against the background of the use of psychedelic substances immerse a person deep in subconsciousness, and can forever save a person from mental irritants in distress.

Benefits of a comprehensive approach to the treatment of panic attacks at MedicoMente

As a rule, the optimal way to treat crises is the combination treatment. The specialists of MedicoMente offer proven and effective methods of combination treatment of panic attacks. The modern clinic has created comfortable conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of panic disorders. An individual approach to each patient and additional imaging and laboratory research methods allow our doctors to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the most effective course of therapy.


The clinic offers their patients the following services: free consultation of a qualified doctor (during the first stage); complete diagnosis of the patient’s condition; drug therapy (according to indications); a course of specialized psychotherapy; inpatient treatment in hotel-like rooms; an additional course of physiotherapy; and specific methods of preventive treatment.


The treatment plan is individual for each patient. Seeking help from a psychotherapist at a specialized clinic for the treatment of panic attacks, a person can significantly speed up the recovery time and significantly improve the level and quality of life.



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