Methadone addiction treatment in the clinic MedicoMente – Kiev, Ukraine

People falsely consider methadone as a substitute or as a medicine that can relieve or solve the problem of hard drug addiction. Do not forget that even its short-term use leads to a more severe addiction.

What is methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic drug from the group of narcotic opioid analgesics. Its effect on the human body resembles opium, morphine, heroin, etc. It has a strong analgesic and pronounced sedative effect; methadone addiction develops very quickly, often after the first dose.

Reasons for use by drug addicts

Methadone is highly popular due to its accessibility and affordable cost, in comparison with heroin and other hard drugs. But an immediate impact of the synthetic “medical” and chemically undefined “junk” methadone on the body and human health has the most unpredictable and severe consequences. Methadone quickly causes physical addiction, complicating and significantly delaying the patient’s recovery. Its effect is similar to opioid or heroin addiction.

Symptoms of methadone addiction

Considering its toxicity, the rate of addiction, the rapidly increasing dose, and the destructive effect on the body, methadone addiction treatment should begin as soon as possible.


Here are some signs that should alert and be a valid argument for seeking help in our clinic:


  • constricted pupils, red eyes;
  • impaired coordination, restlessness;
  • weight loss, loss of appetite;
  • sudden mood swings: from hysteria to mania;
  • fainting, loss of consciousness, respiratory depression;
  • theft of valuables, money, criminal associations;
  • abnormal, inappropriate behavior;
  • asocial environment.


A visit to a narcologist will help you sort out this situation. You hold the keys to saving your loved ones!

Consequences of methadone addiction

Methadone addiction has a detrimental and destructive effect on the body. It damages organs and life support systems of the human body:


  • damage and degradation of brain tissue;
  • severe and irreversible mental disorders;
  • complication of the excretory functions (liver, kidneys);
  • various cardiovascular disorder;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • immune disorders;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • low libido and reproductive disorders;
  • destruction of nervous, muscle and bone tissues;
  • loss of teeth, destruction of tooth enamel;
  • brittle nails and hair, rapid baldness;
  • concomitant infectious and viral diseases (AIDS (HIV), hepatitis (B, C), other sexually transmitted or injectable diseases, often associated with the social environment.

Why methadone withdrawal is dangerous

Methadone acts as a severe pain reliever (needless pronounced analgesia), causes excessive inhibition of consciousness, severe post-drug addiction, impaired perception and prostration. As the methadone concentration in blood and in the body decreases, the patient begins to experience painful sensations of “returning to reality”, severe pain symptoms in “every cell of the body” – all this is methadone ‘cold turkey’ (withdrawal syndrome, a sharp need for another dose).


Most severe symptoms:


  • feeling of chills, “goose bumps”, sudden fluctuations in body temperature;
  • tachycardia, high blood pressure;
  • mental disorders (severe aggression, panic attacks, obsessive suicidal thoughts, prolonged insomnia);
  • severe physical pain all over the body;
  • profuse vomiting, uncontrolled diarrhea;
  • sharp loss of consciousness, fainting with respiratory depression.


To relieve the withdrawal symptoms, the body requires another and each time larger dose of the drug (increase in tolerance), which often leads to an overdose, and thus to death.

Methadone addiction treatment

Our clinic offers prompt and comprehensive solution to the problems of methadone addiction, individual for each patient.


During the initial visit, our narcologist together with the anesthesiologist will offer the patient to undergo a detailed examination, laboratory tests, collection of life history and detailed data about the patient (gender, age, length of use, general physiological and detailed assessment of mental health, chronic and concomitant diseases, etc.). The doctors make a step-by-step treatment plan, choosing the optimal variant of methadone detoxification for the patient, additional medication, psychotherapeutic support, additional hardware methods. The entire course of treatment is provided inpatient only. In case of any chronic diseases and other drug-associated disorders, additional treatment is provided.


Methadone detoxification and relief of withdrawal symptoms is the first obligatory stage of treatment. Complete detoxification of the body (in the absence of contraindications, UROD (ultrarapid opioid detoxification) is used) is carried out in the intensive care unit (equipped with specialized, certified expert-class medical equipment).


After complete detoxification, methadone addiction treatment proceeds to the next stage, an extended rehabilitation course (hardware blood and lymph purification, physiotherapy, massage, etc.), psychotherapeutic support and assistance (various types of hypnosis, motivational conversations, individual psychotherapeutic sessions), resocialization and adaptation “to a new, drug-free life”.


Our clinic has both individual and group psychotherapy sessions; family and supportive psychotherapy is offered as an option (according to indications and recommendations of a psychotherapist). Even after discharge, the clinic’s specialists continue to assist the patients, with supportive conversations and follow-up visits.

Stay and accommodation

The clinic offers their patients the most comfortable atmosphere and environment: with different accommodation options (1-2-3 beds, Lux, VIP), constant access to the Internet, restaurant meals.


Our clinic is anonymous and keeps strict confidentiality of the patient’s location (with a signed non-disclosure agreement, encrypted documents, and restricted access to information for third parties, full round-the-clock security, constant medical supervision (24-hour supervision by a medical specialist).


Our clinic will provide you with the high-quality and fast methadone addiction treatment in Ukraine and ensure the success and a stable remission!!!



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We are competent and ready to return your health and reasons to live.
Your sobriety is what we’re striving for!

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