A holistic approach as the most effective treatment for sleep disorders

Short-term sleep disorders are the most common problem among people of all ages and professions. However, if such disorders continue for a long period of time, they become chronic insomnia, which is a rather dangerous condition that reduces the ability to work and has a negative effect on the psyche and the entire human body.


In case of suspected chronic insomnia, the person should immediately seek medical help. Sleep disorders are treated in Kyiv at MedicoMente. Highly-skilled specialists will help diagnose the disease, choose an individual and the most optimal treatment plan.

What is sleep disorder

Sleep disorder is a general term that includes problems falling asleep, interrupted sleep, and getting up early. Insomnia is considered a disease when its symptoms cause significant discomfort to the general condition of a person since for some people even three hours of sleep may be enough. Insomnia is much more common among older people. In most cases, psychological factors are the cause of the disease.

Symptoms and signs of insomnia

A characteristic feature of the disease is the absence of the recovery stage of sleep. There are certain symptoms of a sleep disorder:


  • difficulties in falling asleep;
  • superficial, restless sleep;
  • frequent awakening at night;
  • daytime sleepiness;
  • early awakening, the total duration of quality rest does not exceed 6 hours;
  • excessive fatigue;
  • heightening of emotions.



If the above symptoms are noted at least three times a week, for a month or longer, without any external stimuli, the person must urgently seek specialized medical help.


A prolonged lack of sleep can negatively affect the perception, memorization of new information, the mental and general physiological state of the body. A person becomes irritable, absent-minded; an increased irritability and unreasonable discontent shall be the reasons for revising the biological regime of sleep and rest.

Common causes of chronic insomnia

The causes of insomnia can be very different but often there are two main groups: physiological and psychological.


Physiological causes include:


  • chronic pain syndrome;
  • endocrine disorders (hormonal insomnia);
  • chronic diseases (ischemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus);
  • digestive disorders, epigastric burning, reflux;
  • menopause;
  • sleep apnea (respiratory arrest during sleep).


Other physiological reasons include restless legs syndrome, deficiency of vitamins and amino acids in the body, renal and hepatic failure, problems with breathing in bronchial asthma.



If a person does not have physiological pathologies but a sleep disorder is still present, the causes may be of psychological origin:


  • stress and emotional tension;
  • neurological disorders of the central nervous system;
  • increased anxiety;
  • work at night;
  • external stimuli;
  • addiction to sleeping pills and tranquilizers.


Other potential causes of insomnia include the rhythm of life, frequent change of time zones, the use of psychoactive substances and stimulants, old age, the abuse of such drinks as coffee, energy drinks, alcohol.

Effective treatment methods and approaches

Whatever causes of insomnia, with a prolonged absence of effective therapy it can lead to more serious diseases and disorders that will require a more serious and prolonged recovery. MedicoMente offers a course of treatment for insomnia in Kyiv.



The clinic’s specialists use the following methods of treatment:


  • Psychotherapy plays a major role in the treatment of sleep disorders, as many of the causes of insomnia originate from emotional and psychological problems. The therapy reduces the level of anxiety, teaches the patients relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene.
  • Pharmacotherapy is used when the disease greatly interferes with normal life and requires specific medications to improve the quality of sleep. In this case, hypnotics, barbiturates and sometimes antidepressants may be prescribed for a short time. All drugs are prescribed exclusively by a doctor, depending on the diagnosis and the current condition of the patient.
  • Clinical hypnosis has a positive effect on almost any disease associated with a violation of the functions of the central nervous system, which will help to go deep into the problem.


In addition to the main methods of therapy, various physiotherapeutic effects can also be used: electrosleep, transcranial electrostimulation, diencephalic electromodulation. All of these methods show a fairly good effect as a mono therapy for sleep problems, however, combination treatment of insomnia is always the most effective.

Benefits of treatment of sleep disorders at MedicoMente

The specialists of the MedicoMente offer proven and effective methods of combination treatment of sleep disorders. Therapies can combine pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. Treatment will be chosen and provided individually and exclusively in accordance with the form of the disease.


The modern clinic has created comfortable conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. An individual approach to each patient and imaging, laboratory, and other diagnostic methods allow our doctors to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the most effective course of therapy.



The clinic offers their patients the following services: free consultation of a qualified doctor (during the first stage); complete diagnosis of organs and their systems; drug therapy (according to indications); a course of specialized psychotherapy; inpatient treatment in hotel-like rooms; an additional course of physiotherapy; additional physiotherapeutic procedures (physiotherapy, massage); balanced diet.



Treatment programs are selected individually for each patient. Only combination treatment of chronic insomnia using the most effective methods can guaranty the rapid restoration of good sleep and the general condition of the body.



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A holistic approach as the most effective treatment for sleep disorders

Sleep disorder is a general term that includes problems falling asleep, interrupted sleep, and getting up early. Insomnia is considered a disease when its symptoms cause significant discomfort to the general condition of a person since for some people even three hours of sleep may be enough.

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