Ibogaine and its Uses in Complex Treatment of Addictions in Ukraine

European Ibogaine Forum – 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr. Sergey Khudoley, Kiev, Ukraine

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Dear friends and colleagues …


Many of us have heard of Bwite religion and culture


 Bwite religion and culture


About the healing and psychedelic effect of Tabernanthe Iboga Root extract on the human brain


healing and psychedelic effect of Tabernanthe Iboga Root extract on the human brain


On the initiation of Ibogaine


 initiation of Ibogaine


When a tribal boy becomes a big warrior with experience and outlook on the life of a person of a lived age…

what happens, under the close supervision, of a great teacher– “The Spirit of Iboga”


Admire the centuries-old culture and wonders of the peoples of Africa can be infinitely long…




but today we will not talk about that…


Today in my report, I will touch on the topic of:


“Ibogaine and its uses in complex treatment of addictions in Ukraine”


Many reads, some used, and described the experience of using Ibogaine in their medical practice about:


  • “Its inexplicable psychedelic effect on human consciousness and deep subconscious”
  • “On its use in the treatment of people dependent on psychoactive substances and alcohol”
  • “On the treatment of people with severe depression and deep phobias”
  • “The recognition of the mistakes of youth and the desire to know the truth, change yourself”



Short History of ibogaine:


… сenturies – the use of Iboga in the ceremonies of Bwiti religion;

1864 – the first documented protocol for the use of Ibogaine Gabon and Congo;

1939 – the first pharmaceutical product – «LAMBARENE» based on Iboga;

1962-1989 – Ibogaine in addictology – the first wave;

2000-… – new history – Ibogaine in medical practice …


Tabernan the Iboga




Grows exclusively in Western Africa (Gabon, Cameroon) and partially in central Africa (RepublicCongo)


Plant and Alkaloid




The most valuable part of the bush is the root bark 8-10 year old plant containing the active alkaloid ibogaine.


First of all, the value of the plant is due to its unique psychedelic effect, and the fact that all attempts at its selection in other territories and continents, as well as the recreation of its synthetic analogue, were unsuccessful.


Ibogaine does not form addiction …

Respect – yes

Disgust – sometimes

Addiction – never


In practice, Ibogaine is used in the form of:


  • Dry Bark of the Root of Iboga(rootbark):~ 2-5%alkaloids;
  • TA(total alkaloid): ~30%Ibogaine, plant material, impurities;
  • PTAHCl (purified common alkaloid):60-70%Ibogaine, other alkaloids, impurities;
  • Ibogaina HCl (highly purified):90-95%Ibogaine+Ibogamine.




In medical practice, the use of Ibogaine is often associated with the concept of:

“the most effective method for treating any opiate addiction”


But, as practice shows, this technique is extremely effective:


  • Narcology
    will help the patient to cleanse himself of the drug, alcohol and come to a conscious decision – to leave the addiction in the past, and not return to them in the future;
  • Psychiatry
    effectively and in a short time will provide healing from a deep depressive state, help get rid of phobias and internal fears in the neurotic spectrum;
  • Neurology
    restoration of the neurotransmitter balance in the treatment of severe chronic neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson disease, Multiple Sclerosis);
  • Psychotherapeutic Practice
    a complete deep reboot of consciousness and subconsciousness, cleansing the mind, changes attitudes to life, gives a “second wind” for self-realization;
  • Psychedelic Practice
    will give a person that rare opportunity to find out the truth about himself, to figure out his internal problems, will allow him to consciously look at the mistakes of his own life, thereby rethinking it;


The Effect of Ibogaine on Cells


“freshens” the body, restores the biochemical balance, normalizes the neurophysiological processes of the brain, and replenishes energy reserves;


Microdosing a Short Course (7-10 days) With Daily Use


the strongest psychostimulant, eliminate fatigue, irritability, apathy, increase overall performance, psychological self-control and stress resistance;


All of the above brings Ibogaine therapy, to a new level of application in multidisciplinary practice, as a unique alternative to other methods and generally accepted (not always effective) types of traditional treatment.


All of us have repeatedly heard about deaths due to the use of iboga, which was one of the factors in its prohibition on use.


Ibogaine does not forgive mistakes and negligence. It’s used, sometimes, can cause more harm than good, leading to irreversible disturbances and even death of the body.


Contrain dications for use, selection criteria and procedures


Compliance with the selection criteria and exclusion:


  • a detailed medical history;
  • assessment of the general condition;
  • physical examination;
  • examination of organs and systems;
  • assessment of the mental state;
  • testing for alcohol, narcotic and psychoactive substances.


Apply Exclusively to a “CleanBody”:


  • complete cleansing of the body of narcotic;
  • psychotropic substances;
  • medications;
  • complete abstinence at least a week before ibogaine;
  • or preliminary detoxification of the body;
  • complete elimination – an average of 5-7days.


The exclusion of patients with medical contraindications:


  • acute disorders and irreversible liver damage;
  • cardiovascular disorders:
  • acute coronary disorders,
  • cardiac arrhythmias,
  • hypertensive crises,
  • history of ischemic lesions;
  • impaired filtration of the liver and kidneys;
  • organic brain damage;
  • acute mental conditions;
  • dementia;
  • disorders of general and biochemical blood parameters;
  • TBC and HIV in active condition;
  • pregnancy;
    (preparation and observation of the patient 48 hours in a hospital)


Strictly adhere to the protocol of the procedure:


  • dynamic observation and monitoring of the patient;
  • real-time ECG monitoring;
  • blood pressure;
  • pulse;
  • respiration;
  • maintaining water-salt balance;
  • monitoring of excreta;
  • individual selection of the type and dose of the substance used
    (individual sample for each patient, taking into account the % pure alkaloid content:… mg/kg body weight).


In case of deviations and contraindications, it is imperative to eliminate their causes and influence, use Ibogaine only after complete stabilization of body functions.

If contraindications are revealed–refuse the patient in the procedure.


Thereby you save his life and your reputation!!!



Unfair Services and Providers


But do not forget!



The effect of the procedure directly depends on what substance is used during its implementation, whether it corresponds to the declared one – Ibogaine.


Does the clinic use Ibogaine alkaloids?


Are not substances similar to the psyche that affect the “psychedelic group”




(Psilocybin, Mescaline, Strychnine, Vokangin, Ketamine, LSD) that do not have Iboga effects.





Ibogaine is used exclusively in the form of a powder (purified extract) or ground bark, individually selected according to the patient’s weight, for ease of use placed in capsules.




  • pure alkaloid – 4-8 caps. per procedure;
  • ground bark of ~ 1 caps. (400 mg)/kg of body weight for a session.

Ibogaine can not be in the form of: tea, liquid solution, solid tablets, solutions for intravenous or intramuscular use.





Ukraine, Legality, Legislation, Application


Today, Ukraine can be considered as a unique State, along with Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, etc., where the level of medical care is growing rapidly, innovative methods and technologies are applied.


Ibogaine and medications based on it are not included in the list of substances prohibited or restricted for use and study in Ukraine.


In 2016-2019


The Medical Legislation of Ukraine underwent many revisions, a number of changes were made, in particular, the abolition of local protocols for medical institutions of various forms of ownership.

This allowed developing, implement and use local protocols in medical practice, based on generally accepted protocols and methods used in clinics and medical institutions of other developed countries.

Of course, we cannot talk about all the institutions that use this treatment in their practice in Ukraine, but we can share information about our clinic.


About Our Clinic




We do not operate only as of the Ibogaine Clinic!


“MedicoMente” – medical center for modern addictology,

which uses a comprehensive approach of treating patients with various types of chemical and mental addiction, mental and behavioral disorders, rehabilitation treatment and psychological support, along with other unique techniques, every actively uses Ibogaine Therapy.


We have!


The clinic is fully provided with the entire list of modern medical equipment for routine treatment and emergency care in an intensive care unit.


There is always a complete and certified medication(s) used to detoxify the body, for there lief of acute life-threatening conditions, restoration, and stabilization of impaired body functions.


The clinic employs specialists in the following areas: anesthesiology, emergency medicine, psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy, radiology, general medicine, and psychology.


The center is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, has the entire list of necessary regulatory medical documentation permits of regulatory state bodies and structures, protocols and recommendations.


We use exclusively Ibogaine HCl or PTA HCl!


Each batch of the substance – it`s complete spectral analysis with the exact percentage of pure Ibogaine and impurities is attached.



This allows us to accurately calculate the dose/weight individually for each procedure.


Reviews of Patients


Alice – 28 years old. Ukraine.


On admission: severe alcohol dependence, deep depression, social phobia, suicideattempts.


Day of discharge.
7 days in the clinic: Ibogaine +psychocorrection


«… for me, it was very scary but very productive, the illusions that I saw were remnants of my childhood injuries, due to which I ended up there, on the bottom from which I had to get out, before arriving at the clinic. Ibogaine really cleanses the mind, it is amazing, it is really a shock for me personally. I didn’t think that this happens, it feels like all the garbage that was there was clear from my brain …»


Antonio – 35 years old. Spain.



On admission: polydependence, opiates, stimulants, alcohol, repeated treatment attempts, constantly relapsing.


Control: 1 months after treatment


14 days in the clinic: Detoxification + Ibogaine


«… I was depressed, sad, broken, without a desire to live, until I realized that I had lost – I had lost everything … today, right now, I am clean from drugs … Ibogaine opened my eyes, made me aware of the terrible things I did – today I want to say
– I am free and confident in my distress …»


Aleks – 51 years old. Italy.


On admission: polydrug addiction opiates, stimulants – 30 years, repeated treatment attempts, isolation in rehab centers.


Control: 3 months after treatment


21 days in the clinic: Detoxification + Ibogaine


«…3 months have already passed. After treatment, I returned to normal. Ibogaine allowed me to gets rid of thoughts about drugs…but you need to understand–Ibogaine is not everything, it’slike driving rights, you will be taught the rules, shown and told about your mistakes, given out rights–but you will drive yourself, sometimes over long distances…Ibogaine is a teacher, but much depends on you yourself…»



My dear friends and colleagues!


At the end of the report, I can say with confidence:


«The use of Ibogaine therapy in the near future will occupy its worthy niche
in various areas of evidence-based medicine, primarily as an integral component of the “comprehensive treatment of addiction problems” »


Thank you for your attention!


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