Patient from Italy: Aleks’s story


Today is my last day here and I come back, home. I spent here ten days, ten days of total harmony, of complete cooperation, of empathy, of sympathy. Of great, great, great attention and professionalism. The costs are very cheap! We talk about 320 euros per day or ten days for 3200 euros, all included. Medicines, food, food you can choose from the menu of the Italian restaurant. This is not as their junk in the clinic in other clinics. Dr. Sergey is a fantastic person, like all the other staff members: Dr. Nataly, Gallina, Dr. Andrey and the other nurse Nataly.


I found myself here very, very, very good and I want to tell you one very important thing. Strangely, when I was at another clinic, every time when I had to leave, I felt sick, I had problems, there was something, I felt sick and even refused everything because I did not want to take a lot of therapies on the last day and even if I did not want to take it, they put it in hiding in infusion, without telling me anything and I tell you in fact, on the day of my departure I was always like a rag and I came home feeling like a rag and guys tell me, what happens with us when we come back at home and we are sick as rag? In our mind, there is only one remedy start using again.


Here this does not happen. As you can see, ten days have passed and I’m fabulous, I am really fabulous, I am very happy with the treatment I took here, I’m very happy with how they handled and helped me so impeccable and guys, I want to tell you: ”Do not go to another clinic, but come to MedicoMente“!Because Dr. Sergey is a great Doctor and he was the only doctor that I respected when I was at other clinics.


I conclude be strong and brave and if you need, I’m available. If you want you can contact me and the doctor will turn over to you my contact. So, when some Italian wants to contact this structure, this structure will provide you my phone number, so you can speak to an Italian, one junkie who has seen 35 years of addiction. Inside and outside of communities, inside and outside the cages, and finally, now, I am free. Thanks, guys, thank you, staff, thanks clinic MedicoMente. Ciao.


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