Patient from Spain: Antonio’s story


Hello. I am a patient from Spain, I am 35 years old, and From the age of 14-15, I got many types of addictions, especially hemp (cannabis), ecstasy and cocaine and other substances. Because of everything that happened to me, my life was gone, at first, I felt good, then worse and worse.


What can I tell you, my family was broken, I had a lot of problems with my father, problems with my uncle, and These problems were every day, and finally, after staying in the center where I was 8 years ago, I meet a woman of my life. Then it all started very well at first, but I had a relapse, and she was helping me, and again relapse, and she was helping me, and the time came when it was impossible to do this anymore, you understand that you cannot continue living like this, you must stop it’s fundamentally and say no and stand firmly on your victory. I was depressed, sad, broken, without a desire to live, trying to do something until I realized that I had lost, I lost everything, but, thank God, I found your clinic and doctor in Kyiv and thanks to Dr. Sergey, with your help we have moved forward, and today, right now, I am cleared from drugs.


Since I had arrived, the clinic staff had very good attention from meeting at the airport until the moment of leaving. The service was incredible, everything is very professional with very modern equipment, everything is perfect, everything is very new, very clean and very tidy, excellent laundry ironed clothes, everything is very very professional, it was always noticed when we needed to be together on some types procedures, everything was with love, patience, and trust. It is really valuable. And despite the fact that this clinic is new, everything looks very good, and thanks to the experience that I have taken from here, there are very, very good professionals. I also want to note that all the amenities inside are brand new, Wi-Fi, perfect food, all staff is rated on 10. And I want to say that I am very happy to be here, I recommend to everyone from Spain or from somewhere else, but if from Spain, you can call me and I can explain everything and so that you don’t have distrust when everything goes well, everything passes and everything works like a mechanism. And they also provided me with a translator who was with me at every procedure. I can also say, and I can guarantee that doctors have a core powerful. The ibogaine that is used is very pure and very strong, enough to help us fight with drug addiction. And every procedure, every removal of opiates, was perfect, professional, and I can only say thank you very much for everything you made for me, here, thank you very much and to all the staff and I will miss you. Best regards.


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