Patient from Ukraine: Alisa’s story


Hello Everybody! My name is Alice and right now I am at the MedicoMente clinic. I can say that I am shocked because everything that happened here struck my mind and my soul. I came here in a very hard condition. Before I had 3 suicide attempts to finish my life. I am an addicted person. I had alcohol overdoses. I drunk too much alcohol with pills together. That’s how I tried to finish my life. When I came to this clinic, I felt very bad and I already had deep depression. I cried all the time, I couldn’t eat and sleep normally. I didn’t want to do anything. My life and everything I do was absolutely indifferent to me.

When I came here, first of all, I was amazed by the service. I really liked it here, it feels like you at home. People(Medical Personal) treat you very well. They always care about you and you feel very strong support all the time which is very important. For the patients like me, complicated and heavy.


I want to tell you separately about my experience with Ibogaine. For me, it was very scary but very productive. I couldn’t take it for 8 hours, how it suppose to be. U am a girl and I could take it only for 3 hours, but it was enough for me. Cause those illusions which I saw, were troubles which I had in my childhood. Those were the reasons why I felt so bad and why I came here. Ibogaine really cleans your mind, that’s amazing, it really shocks for me. I never thought it’s possible, true. Feels like all garbage was sucked from my brain. Plus all the medical treatment-correct one, all of this gave a result.


To this moment only one week passed. After a week I feel a different person. I feel calm, I don’t feel depressed any more, I want to eat, I feel alive and real. I feel that I want to creat again cause I am a creator. I am very thanks full to MedicoMente for what these people do for other people. Because this is the real rescue. I advise everyone who has problems with addiction and a lot of people have an addiction. To find yourself again with the help of Ibogaine and MedicoMente clinic.


Alice was here. Goodbye.Thank you!


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