A patient’s opinion about quality of treatment at clinic, compared to rehabilitation centers


Hi all. Second time I have received treatment from drug addiction. The first time I was in rehab center, now I received treatment in the clinic, “”MedicoMente””. Treatment here I really liked, here’s a completely different level, a completely different approach. The medical brothers, nurses, doctors – feeling that you communicate with your friends. It is very comfortable, when I first arrived I nearly cried, I began to realize how much money it costs, how much parents are willing to pay to help me finish with my addiction.


The treatment took just 10 days. But during these 10 days you know Some people just call, because they need something from you, if you know what I mean, and some people just call to ask How are you doing? How do you feel?. Literally two people called, you begin to realize your circle of contacts. It’s not that the addict or not an addict is not the case, but the fact that these people are not addicts. And the rest who I’m 10-15 years know, using drugs as I am, I have in the past. And I believe, and I’m very confident that everything changed.


The treatment in the clinic is simple, there are no pens with psychiatrists, you always have the right of choice. But personally I suggest to implement all the recommendations, to implement all recommendations and appointments. They are very helpful. Especially electrotherapy, hypnosis, therapy “”Avers,”” in General, I advise everyone.


I Am changed, I liked the treatment, really enjoyed it. If to compare with. Other “”Rehabs”” (rehabilitation centers) is much higher level. There you are stuck, you are obligated, you have no right of choice. There is no possibility of cure, there have you do not ask, it does not matter whether you like it or not, you are obliged to do. And you naturally don’t want to agree, it’s human nature, you go against it. And here you really understand that everything is in your hands and you take it.
Thank you all! 

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