Working hours during quarantine

MedicoMente modern addictology clinic continues to work on a round-the-clock basis in the quarantine period. If you or somebody from your surrounding need professional help of a narcologist, toxicologist or psychiatrist, contact us at any time of the day. You can be provided with qualified services in full.


Quarantine is a stressful situation for people with addictions


Restrictions concerning quarantine declared in Ukraine, the transition to remote work, bans on leaving the city and forced self-isolation allow to reduce the risks of the spread of coronavirus. However, these same factors often cause psychological and emotional discomfort, exacerbation of various diseases. For alcohol or drug-addicted people quarantine becomes an impetus for consumption.
Realising that, our team decided to keep the mode of operation unchanged during quarantine. Everyone who is in need of our medical help – the sick and their close people who are forced to be under the “conditions of use” in the same apartment with the addicted person, – are not left alone with their problem.

Our experts keep providing free online consultations via Skype to those who are on compelled self-isolation, and receiving visitors in the clinic who need:


  • Immediate detoxification;
  • Physical and psychological recovery;
  • Psychological support.

Timely professional assistance helps prevent complications from use, as well as relapses. Our experts help restore normal physiological health in a short time (detoxification under anesthesia), and also cope with the depression that arose as a result of quarantine. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists help to cope with negative emotions and thoughts and return to a sober life.


Service Safety Above All

Keeping the regular work schedule, we have made every effort to ensure that our staff and visitors are protected from possible coronavirus contamination.


  • We carry out regular disinfection (several times a day) of all clinic premises using the means recommended by WHO and MOH.
  • Conduction of patient visits, as well as all medical manipulations and procedures are carried out by specialists using personal protective equipment for respiratory organs (masks) and hands (gloves). PPE are replaced and used ones are disposed of after each visitor.
  • Patients of the clinic are provided with shoe covers and masks. All the visitors of the clinic undergo hand disinfection.
  • To exclude queues and expectations, we offer our patients to make an appointment before a visit. The appointment is provided through fulfilling the site form or by phone.

We have always carefully complied with privacy policy, protecting patients from meetings and communication. The operation mode during quarantine keeps to this practice: our customers are completely protected from contact with third parties.


Important information: the clinic staff is informed about measures to counter the spread of coronavirus. We act in accordance with the approved algorithm applied to people with suspected COVID-19. They are invited to contact a specialized medical institution for a test and targeted therapy.


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