Review of the treatment of clinic patients with dependence on amphetamines


I want to Express my gratitude to the clinic “”MedicoMente”” and her staff for help.


I addressed the problem – had used amphetamines. I stayed in the clinic for 8 days, had undergone the Ibogaine therapy and I am in great delight from result. I began to look at the world through different eyes. I recommend everyone to this clinic. Caring staff, doesn’t feel like you in a clinic, but like on vacation: delicious food, comfortable stay, professional doctors who love their work and find approach to each patient.


I saw people who were treated here and so did the Ibogaine therapy is a tremendous result, people are excited and happy. Everything changes – I want to live, want to do something new. I recommend this clinic – if you have problems, do this clinic will help you.

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