Feedback at treatment in the clinic patient from France


Hello, My name is Paul, I am 39 years old. I used heroin every day for the past 20 years. In 2019 I have been treated three times in the same clinic. Even after 21 days of treatment in the clinic, after 2 days I came to my home country I felt terrible, I started using it again. Another 2 times I was in that clinic for 14 days, but the result was the same. I thought I will never get out of it, I no longer believed in this treatment. My friend told me about this clinic in Ukraine. I didn’t want to go for the treatment out of my country. I contacted Dr.Sergey on Facebook and we talked through a translator. We discussed all the questions, and he explained me that 7 days will be enough to solve my problem with Heroin. I made final step and took tickets on the plaine to Kiev for the treatment. Now I feel great. I gained confidence through this clinic and recommend MedicoMente to all addicted people. Medical Staff always we’re near me, doesn’t matter day or night, they always here to help you and talk to you. I am going home more calmly than ever before, confident in myself. I am ready for normal life, for which I went for a long time. I am very thankful to MedicoMente.

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