Patient from Italy Nico (addiction to cocaine and heroin 37 years)


I want to talk about the new addictology clinic MedicoMente and Dоctor Sergey. I had problems with drug addiction for 37 years. I had problems with heroin and cocaine. I have been at many clinics in Europe and America. What was the problem, Every time I left rehabs I was in a critical condition. But this time I must say: here everything different, I was always treated with understanding, and I faced with several amazing situations. The doctors and staff of the clinic are the most professional I have ever met. I felt here like at home. Everybody at this clinic very carrying and kind especially at those moments when I was at terrible condition. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Boris who always was very kind to me and doctor who became my friend. To whom I could talk about every problem and find the solution. We are all different. Each of us has its own needs. Understanding of this touched my heart. It is a first time I am going out of the clinic and I feel wonderfull, I am healthy (clean) and this is very important. This clinic is brand new and welcoming. If you want to talk with me regarding clinic I have left an E-mail to Doctor Sergey. Wish you come back to a healthy life. And a wellness to all of you.

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