Drug addiction treatment in Kharkiv or how MedicoMente helps patients from Kharkiv!

Drug addiction: what is it?

Drug addiction has become a rampant problem, which requires special attention.


Drug addiction is a severe condition accompanied by a pathological craving for drug use, which leads to partial or complete destruction of the patient’s body, and even to death.


A drug addict is a patient in need of qualified psychological, narcological, and therapeutic assistance from doctors.


Our MedicoMente specialists have long ago shown the effectiveness of inpatient treatment.

Drug addiction treatment in Kharkiv | MedicoMente

Our clinic is located in a quiet, cozy cottage town. For several years now, patients from Kyiv, as well as from Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine have been trusting us with their treatment and we help them to successfully cope with drug addiction.


Despite the large number of medical centers in Kharkiv, many patients choose us for the opportunity of changing their scenery and explaining their departure by a business trip and for the low probability of meeting people they know.



The clinic offers comfortable, hotel-like conditions of stay:


  • cozy furnished rooms;
  • full-board delivery;
  • Access to Internet.


Sterility and modern equipment are the only things that can remind a person of staying in a medical facility.



Not the least of the factors is anonymity. MedicoMemte ensures the strictest confidentiality (the staff signs a non-disclosure agreement, outgoing documents are encrypted).



In addition to health safety, our center is 24-hour guarded by two security companies that monitor and control the clinic around the clock.


The quality and prices of our services attract not only Ukrainian, but also foreign patients. They already know they will receive qualified help here and will return home recovered, both physically and mentally. The doctors of the clinic speak fluently different foreign languages and make our guests feel at home.

Treatment of drug addiction. Why inpatient treatment?

Effective treatment of drug addiction involves staying in a specialized hospital. From the very admission until recovery (discharge), the patient is at the medical center. Our clinic provides high-quality and qualified assistance to people from any country and city.



Only a specialized drug rehabilitation hospital can provide real and stable treatment results in drug addiction, with high-class specialists skilled in modern techniques.


Only inpatient treatment can provide:


  • expert diagnosis;
  • round-the-clock monitoring;
  • control of all stages of treatment.



The active development of computer technologies, in particular applications for video communication, has made it easy to conduct an online consultation.


During the first online consultation, a specialist of our clinic:


  • identifies the problem and its severity;
  • makes a preliminary treatment plan;
  • discusses the length of inpatient stay in the comfortable medical center.


The results of the online consultation will determine a preliminary cost of treatment.

Dear Kharkiv citizens! How to find us

  • n the case of a trip to our medical center by car, residents of the first historical capital of Ukraine, Kharkiv, just need to map a route to the geo-point available on our website:
    08340, Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Hnedynska village council, Kalyna horticultural society, Medovaia Str., 10.
  • If travelling by rail, use either the InterCity+ service, which will take you from Kharkiv to Kyiv in a little more than 4 hours. The approximate cost of a train ticket is 400-500 UAH.
    Further information is available at: https://www.uz.gov.ua/
  • Travelling by air is also possible. The plane will take you to one of the capital airports, Zhulyany or Boryspil, which are both 30 minutes away from our center. The cost of a ticket is approximately 1200-1500 UAH, taking into account the time spent and the cost of the trip, which can be more expensive if travelling by car!
    See information on plane tickets: Kharkiv airport https://hrk.aero/; Zhulyany airport https://iev.aero/; Boryspil airporthttps://kbp.aero/ru/glavnaya/
  • Here is a detailed route in Kyiv by public transport: you need to get to Slavutich metro station (green line), take city bus No. 64 at the bus stop, or taxi No. 452, the travel time, depending on the road traffic, is on average 15-20 minutes (20-minute interval). Our medical center is located on the travel itinerary of public transport, Kalina bus stop (100 meters away from the stop).



For nonresident patients, upon admission to inpatient treatment we can arrange transfer from the railway station, the airport, or the bus station in Kyiv. Our employee will meet you at the specified place (agreed in advance) and take you to the medical center.


In case of any additional questions or preliminary consultations, please call our hotline in Kyiv +38(095)550-85-25.



Leaving MedicoMente, a person always has new goals and plans in life. He/she has an accurate attitude that drugs bring evil, grief, loss of health, and do away with them.


If you need to persuade a loved one to visit our clinic, we will give you detailed instructions and stick to you in trouble.


Making an appointment is quite simple:




We support you in your pursuit of result – live a healthy, full-on, and sober life!

Patient reviews on addiction treatment

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