To help a person who suffers from withdrawal symptoms, you need to know why this condition occurs, what symptoms it has and what first aid it requires.



Narcotic substances (natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic, and substitution therapy drugs) affect the human nervous system. This is a poison that deprives the body of essential nutrients – vitamins and minerals, and causes disfunction of all organs. The body gets up for the fight against toxins and, if no usual dose is taken, a failure occurs. Some types of drugs cause more severe physical withdrawal symptoms, while others – psychological.



Withdrawal symptoms:


  • Strong emotional stress, anxiety, unrest
  • Tremor of the extremities, chills, convulsions
  • Frequent palpitations with chest pain
  • Loss of consciousness, dizziness
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Painful sensations in the muscles of the body and joints
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea
  • Hallucinations



All signs of withdrawal symptoms develop within 8-12 hours after withdrawal of the dose and, depending on the drugs taken, can last up to 2.5 weeks if without professional help.



Drug detoxification in Kyiv at MedicoMente quickly and safely removes symptoms, relieves the condition of the drug addict and prepares the patient for further treatment.




Indications for detox therapy



Narcotic substances destroy the human body and cause strong addiction. Poisonous substances that enter the body release decay products that are deposited in fat, brain, and liver tissues. Some of the toxins can accumulate and remain in the body for many years, which endangers human health and life.



Long-term drug use can provoke withdrawal even if just reducing dose, rather than completely withdrawing it. Since the harmful effects of drugs have already disrupted the work of all body systems, coping with a withdrawal syndrome is almost impossible without help. The sooner help is provided, the faster you can relief the patient’s condition and reduce the level of intoxication with poisons.



Drug detoxification in Kyiv cleanses the body of toxins, improves the functioning of internal organs, restores the metabolic process, normalizes the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.




Detoxification methods



MedicoMente uses several methods of cleansing the body of harmful substances:


  • UROD in Kyiv (ultra-rapid opioid detoxification)
  • Comprehensive cleansing program (gradual detoxification)



UBOD is performed with the use of opiate receptor blockers under medication-induced coma. This makes detoxification painless: the patient does not feel any discomfort or withdrawal symptoms.


Rapid drug detoxification in Kyiv can take from 6 hours to 3 days and is prescribed only for those who take natural opiates. The administered medicines aggravate withdrawal symptoms (convulsions, problems with the respiratory and nervous system), therefore, the doctors of MedicoMente ensure constant control over the patient’s condition during and after the procedure.


Drug use after ultra-rapid opioid detoxification can lead to respiratory arrest!



In case of the withdrawal syndrome caused by the withdrawal of synthetic drugs (including salts, amphetamines, mephedrone and other substances that affect the nervous system and the brain), sedation is used to reduce the level of aggression, arousal and inappropriate reactions.


A comprehensive cleansing program is selected individually for each patient and includes the administration of drugs such as:


  • Analgesics
  • Antispasmodics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Psycholeptics
  • Vitamin complexes
  • Hepatoprotectors
  • Sleeping pills



An intravenous infusion of medicinal solutions and drug detoxification in Kyiv accelerates the removal of toxic substances, improves cardiac function, evens out the psycho-emotional state.


Removing withdrawal symptoms is an important step towards getting rid of drug addiction






Drug detoxification at MedicoMente has a number of undeniable advantages:


  • Confidentiality. Treatment in provided anonymously, voluntary, without the disclosure of information to third parties.
  • Security. All medical procedures take place in intensive care wards under the round-the-clock supervision of a doctor and medical staff. Only proven, certified drugs are used.
  • Effectiveness. Individual drug therapy, including UROD, selected after diagnostic procedures, provides quick and effective relief of withdrawal symptoms in a comfortable environment for the patient.
  • Motivation. After cleansing procedures, each patient is consulted by a psychotherapist-narcologist to increase self-motivation for further therapy and get rid of drug addiction.
  • Comfort. The clinic has all the conditions for helping drug addicts: comfortable hotel-level rooms, full-board balanced meals, recreation areas, a gym, a protected area, friendly and highly qualified staff.



Drug detoxification in Kyiv



The price of drug detoxification and cleansing procedures depends on a number of factors, including:


  • Physical and psychological condition of the addict
  • Examination findings
  • Type of drugs taken
  • Severity of symptoms
  • Detoxification methods



More information:




Consultations, detoxification, and therapy are provided in Kyiv:
08340, Ukraine, Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Hnedynska village council, Kalyna horticultural society, Medovaia Str., 10.



The doctors at MedicoMente will help you to relieve the withdrawal symptoms and make a choice in favor of a full and sober life.

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Methadone is understood to mean a potent drug of the opiate group. Its use causes severe damage to important vital organs, mental disorders, and can be fatal.


Death can also occur as a result of uncontrolled and excessive use of the narcotic substance. In Ukraine, in 2019, the part of those methadone-addicted Ukrainians who died accounted for 23% of the total number of drug deaths.



Signs and symptoms


Methadone use is the main cause of severe addiction. It develops quickly and leaves almost no chances to get rid of it without help.


Methadone addiction has not only external signs but also changes the psyche and thinking. A person loses concentration, develops poor memory and non-adequate behavior. Often there are episodes of aggression, followed by feelings of euphoria.


Also, methadone addicts complain of insomnia and poor motor coordination. The main consequences of methadone use are:


  • Pale skin;
  • Poor appetite and weight loss;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Cloudy or reddish eyes;
  • Dilated or constricted pupils;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Slowing down of speech;
  • Problems with stool and urination.


In addition, the risk of methadone overdose is quite high. Excessive drug use causes:


  • circulatory disorders, which can threaten thrombosis and stroke;
  • liver cirrhosis;
  • decalcification and lack of other minerals, making bones brittle and break-prone;
  • sexual problems – 60% of men complain of impotence, and women suffer from menstrual disorders and hormonal disbalance.


The effects and consequences of methadone use on the human body are different from other drugs



Methadone withdrawal symptoms


Many think methadone is safer than other drugs but in reality it leads to even greater addiction, and the duration of “withdrawal” can be about a month.


If methadone withdrawal occurs, the addict needs to urgently consult a specialist, as this condition is characterized by severe discomfort and sever course, even stronger than heroin withdrawal. Doctors advise against trying to get rid of withdrawal symptoms by yourselves.


Methadone withdrawal has the following features:


  • Severe depression and panic;
  • Strongest fear;
  • Constant nausea, incessant vomiting and urging;
  • Severe pain in the body;
  • Breathing disorders;
  • A high degree of sweating;
  • Fever;
  • Sharp weakness.


To get rid of methadone addiction, it is better contacting a qualified doctor, whose professionalism and attentive care to the patient will help overcome withdrawal symptoms.



Methods of treatment in MedicoMente


Experts recommend in-patient treatment of methadone addiction in a specialized medical institution in Kyiv. Treatment takes place in a drug addiction treatment center under the supervision of doctors so that the result has an effect. After treatment, a person will forget about drugs forever.


The following are methods for getting rid of methadone addiction:


  • Detoxification;
  • Relief of withdrawal symptoms;
  • Restoration of the functions of internal organs;
  • Sessions with psychotherapists;
  • Coding;
  • Rehabilitation.


Detoxification means removing toxins from all vital human organs. Usually, the patient receives intravenous infusions of special drugs. But before that, the doctor examines the patient and prepares him for the procedure. To improve the condition, doctors use a quick detox in Kyiv.


Doctors can add various vitamins, general tonic agents, hepatoprotectors and cardioprotectors to the intravenous infusions.


After being coded, a person gets rid of the action of opiates, making drug addiction disappear forever. Conversations with a psychotherapist are quite an important stage that helps to normalize the psyche.


Specialists talk with patients either individually or in group meetings. Rehabilitation after treatment is also considered important, helping not only the recovered person but also his loved ones.



Accommodation conditions and options at MedicoMente


Not every medical facility tackles methadone addiction treatment. Withdrawal syndrome is difficult due to general physical exhaustion. This requires the use of a rapid methadone detox in Kyiv under medication-induced coma.


Getting rid of methadone drug addiction in the clinic is a long and laborious process. The procedure begins with an individual selection of detoxification, considering the length of use and the patient’s condition. Another individual selection of detoxification will allow you to apply a quick version of the Turbo Detox program in Kyiv.


Due to the use of certified drugs, the body can be cleansed within 8-12 hours while under anesthesia. During this period, the patient receives anti-opiate drugs via injection, which remove morphine residues.


The body is cleansed, but “cold turkey” does not disappear immediately. Classic detoxification lasts about 2 weeks, and the patient is prescribed a course of sedatives and hypnotics. These substances neutralize withdrawal symptoms.


In addition, getting rid of drug addiction requires special conditions for patients by medical personnel. Doctors use innovative solutions and modern approaches for methadone therapy.


The doctors of MedicoMente provide a comfortable stay in the detoxification department and medical center.


The detoxification department of the clinic has intensive care wards, a manipulation room, and a diagnostic room. MedicoMente has state-of-the-art equipment and offers high-level comfort to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. This is how the former drug addict is reintegrated into society.



Enjoy a professional medical consultation and the opportunity to make the right choice of treatment at MedicoMente.

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2020 made significant adjustments to all of our lives.


The COVID-19 pandemic and, as a consequence, travel restrictions, distance learning and work, quarantines, lockdowns have come into common use. This is difficult to deny Each person in some way adapts to the realities of the current way of life.


While some of us have mobilized our inner potentials, adapted to the constantly changing rules and regulations, many, however, simply give up and let everything slide.


As a result, people have encountered with maladaptation, difficulties in communication; the number of mental disorders of various origins has sharply increased, so has the number of people who had started or increased the intake of alcohol, drugs, antidepressants and other psychoactive substances.


Considering the changes made to the medical legislation of Ukraine, namely, the provision of emergency medical services to the population by employees of ambulance and emergency medical care teams (service 103). This has simply left many people alone with their problems: there is no one and nowhere to provide specialized medical care.


During the pandemic, our center has significantly added value to its expertise, expanded the range of services provided and strengthened its position among specialized medical centers in drug addiction and psychiatric treatment.


Treatment of such delicate problems as drug, alcohol and other addictions should be started holistically rather than from its individual components:


  • Motivation of the patient and support for loved ones;
  • Complete diagnostics of organs and systems;
  • Detoxification (alcohol, drugs);
  • Understanding the reasons for addiction;
  • Psychological support at all stages;
  • Alcohol destroys you, and now I understand it;
  • Restore the body and stabilize functions;
  • Protection with the use of blockers;
  • Outpatient support.
  • We are always available!


We provide the most comfortable conditions for the patient, constant monitoring and support:


  • Comfortable rooms from Standard to VIP level;
  • Expert medical equipment;
  • Complete list of medicines;
  • Expert medical assistance 24/7;
  • Effective physiotherapy techniques;
  • Recreation and relaxation areas;
  • Sport and fitness gym;
  • Safety and constant monitoring of the patient;
  • Balanced and delicious food;
  • Accommodations meet even the highest demands of our clients!


Treatment is provided by certified clinicians and specialized personnel:


  • Treatment is provided by clinicians rather than social workers;
  • The nurse follows his prescriptions;
  • Complete physical diagnostics;
  • Provision of high-quality specialized care;
  • Psychological sessions with a psychotherapist;
  • We heal the body and the mind;
  • The patient is under constant monitoring;
  • The patient must always understand what is happening to him;
  • Treatment is aimed at comprehensive recovery;
  • Mutual understanding at every stage of treatment;
  • Doctor, life is wonderful, I feel free!


We deal with


  • Mild to severe alcohol addiction;
  • Addiction to opiates and their synthetic analogs;
  • Addiction to psychostimulants and euphoretics;
  • Gambling and ludomania;
  • Addiction to various medications;
  • Mental and depressive disorders;
  • Anxiety and depressive disorders;
  • Neurological disorders and their consequences;
  • Maladaptation and social maladjustment;
  • Our treatment is patient-centered!


Geography of our patients:


  • Ukraine and the CIS countries;
  • United States of America and Canada
  • Italy, Spain and Portugal; France
  • Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland;
  • Norway, Sweden
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;
  • Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates;
  • Serbia, Croatia and Greece;
  • Our patients come from all countries and continents!
  • Our clinic is famous all over the world!


Why choose MedicoMente? Our hallmarks:


  • A specialized addiction treatment center;
  • A licensed and certified medical center;
  • A complete set of modern medical equipment;
  • A complete list of medicines;
  • Application of effective and advanced techniques only;
  • Research and educational activities;
  • Highly-qualified staff;
  • Fluent communication with foreign patients;


Lasting results in a short time frame!


Unique approaches!


See the reviews of our patients on our YouTube channel at


Make an appointment:

Alcohol use prevention is a sure step towards a healthy lifestyle!
Let’s make it together!

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Ultra-rapid drug detoxification has been successfully used in narcology and toxicology for over 60 years. UROD is an initial and rather successful stage in getting rid of drug addiction.




UROD: what is it?


Ultra-rapid drug detoxification (UROD) is an effective, prompt, and painless way to relieve intoxication (acute or chronic) caused by opium-containing drugs of plant or synthetic origin.




UROD: purpose and goal


UROD is used to get rid of addiction to opium and its derivatives (raw opium, heroin, methadone, morphine, etc.).


UBOD helps the patient overcome the physical addiction to drugs and relieve the most acute states of withdrawal syndrome. The treatment is also used as an emergency aid in case of a drug overdose.




What does it involve?


Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification follows a special licensed clinic protocol.
Detoxification is carried out in a specialized intensive care unit, under general anesthesia for 8-12 hours. The duration of the procedure depends on the condition of the patient, the severity of opioid addiction, and the length of taking drugs.


When in a drug-induced sleep, the patient is administered the drugs which:


  • neutralize the effect of the drug;
  • restore water-salt balance;
  • stabilize hormonal balance;
  • improve brain blood circulation;
  • activate saturation of nerve cells with oxygen and nutrient.


During ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD), the patient stays under the supervision of an anesthesiologist-resuscitator. The doctor controls the condition of the patient’s body, ventilation of the lungs adjusts the level of anesthesia for complete comfort and relief of the state of withdrawal.


Rapid drug detoxification is painless and safe for the patient.


Both during and at the end of the procedure, the clinic’s specialists carry out imaging control of the body:


  • ECG;
  • BP and pulse control;
  • electroencephalogram;
  • t bodies.



PLEASE NOTE! The medical stage of drug addiction treatment begins with ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD). This is the first and required step. It gives a physical stimulus to get rid of addiction: relieves withdrawal pain syndrome, improves appetite, normalizes sleep and the general condition of the body.




UROD means


For this method of detoxification, we use Naloxone. The agonist drug disrupts the contact of the opiate with opioid receptors and removes the neutralized compound from the patient’s body.


Naltrescon (Antaxone), a prolonged-release drug, is also used. It blocks the euphoria receptor so that the patient does not have a narcotic/intoxicating effect, and the craving for drug use is suppressed. Naltrexone is non-toxic, safe, and non-addictive.






Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD) is preceded by:


  • an initial visit of a narcologist (free of charge);
  • consultation and examination by an anesthesiologist;
  • laboratory blood tests (complete blood count and blood chemistry);
  • studies to determine the type, severity, and length of addiction;
  • imaging diagnostics of the state of the body (ECG, ultrasound);
  • monitoring of the state of the body during the day before the procedure;
  • psychological support at all stages.



In the case of admission in a critical condition, the patient undergoes express tests, studies and history taking, as provided for by the UROD protocol!






Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD) is provided in Kyiv if none of the following conditions is present:


  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding (strict contraindication);
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Severe respiratory diseases;
  • Severe cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke, vascular obstruction);
  • Acute liver and kidney disorders;
  • Injuries with bleeding.




Treatment facilities


UROD is carried out in the intensive care unit of our center (Kyiv).



Clinic address:

Medovaia Str., 10., Kalyna horticultural society, Hnedynska village council, Boryspil district, Kyiv region



Comfortable conditions, qualified and attentive staff, strict confidentiality, and 24/7 security will contribute to a speedy recovery.


Make an appointment:





If necessary, we provide transfer from Kyiv airports and train stations.



Addiction is not destiny! We know how to deal with this problem!
We are always ready to help you live a joyful and full life!

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According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #.641 dated July 22, 2020 and the amendments made to it dated August 27, 2020, on the introduction of temporary restrictions on entry to Ukraine for citizens of foreign states.


At the same time, certain categories of foreign citizens will have the right to enter the territory of Ukraine during the period of temporary restrictions.


According to the decision of the government, entry into the territory of Ukraine is allowed for foreigners who: “arrive for treatment in health care institutions of Ukraine”.
Clinic “MedicoMente” will prepare for you a invitation (guaranteed letter), on the basis of which you have the right to enter the territory for treatment in our clinic.



You can find out more detailed information by Phone: 38 (095) 550-85-25 or leave a request by E-mail:


We are fully committed in making sure that our service is available throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure this is possible we have implemented several measures to protect the health and safety of all our patients and staff during the quarantine.

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Hello. My name is Vadim, I’m 27 years old. Of my 27 years, five years, I used hard drugs by injection. I have repeatedly tried to end this problem, but this is not possible without the professional help that I found in the MedicoMente clinic. In just ten days, I got rid of addiction, detoxification was painless, I feel very good now. I thank the entire staff of the clinic. Attitude to patients at a highest level. In my opinion, there is no better way for return to normal life. Thanks.

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Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, I came to the clinic of MedicoMente, with the problem of alcohol dependence. What I want to say, special thanks to the doctors, both Sergey, Boris, Natalia psychologist, special attention and thanks to the nurses who were with me. I was cured in one week, I feel very well, I was dripping infusions and vitamins, stabilized medically. Everything was very high quality, I liked everything, at the highest level. I advise everyone to come here, improve their health, if you have addictions in life. Very good clinic. Thanks to all.

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Hello, My name is Paul, I am 39 years old. I used heroin every day for the past 20 years. In 2019 I have been treated three times in the same clinic. Even after 21 days of treatment in the clinic, after 2 days I came to my home country I felt terrible, I started using it again. Another 2 times I was in that clinic for 14 days, but the result was the same. I thought I will never get out of it, I no longer believed in this treatment. My friend told me about this clinic in Ukraine. I didn’t want to go for the treatment out of my country. I contacted Dr.Sergey on Facebook and we talked through a translator. We discussed all the questions, and he explained me that 7 days will be enough to solve my problem with Heroin. I made final step and took tickets on the plaine to Kiev for the treatment. Now I feel great. I gained confidence through this clinic and recommend MedicoMente to all addicted people. Medical Staff always we’re near me, doesn’t matter day or night, they always here to help you and talk to you. I am going home more calmly than ever before, confident in myself. I am ready for normal life, for which I went for a long time. I am very thankful to MedicoMente.

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I want to talk about the new addictology clinic MedicoMente and Dоctor Sergey. I had problems with drug addiction for 37 years. I had problems with heroin and cocaine. I have been at many clinics in Europe and America. What was the problem, Every time I left rehabs I was in a critical condition. But this time I must say: here everything different, I was always treated with understanding, and I faced with several amazing situations. The doctors and staff of the clinic are the most professional I have ever met. I felt here like at home. Everybody at this clinic very carrying and kind especially at those moments when I was at terrible condition. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Boris who always was very kind to me and doctor who became my friend. To whom I could talk about every problem and find the solution. We are all different. Each of us has its own needs. Understanding of this touched my heart. It is a first time I am going out of the clinic and I feel wonderfull, I am healthy (clean) and this is very important. This clinic is brand new and welcoming. If you want to talk with me regarding clinic I have left an E-mail to Doctor Sergey. Wish you come back to a healthy life. And a wellness to all of you.

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The procedure called Ibogain therapy, therapy of the Iboga root – I came in clear mind. In order to resolve internal conflicts that have accumulated over the time of my life. To understand how it helps other people, namely people with addiction, chemical or non-chemical addiction: addiction, alcohol, gambling and other dependencies. About the procedure, I can say that I was very nervous before getting started it yet for two days, the whole body trembled. Approximately I knew what I can see.


When I came here I was very impressed with the approach to the client, I wouldn’t even tell to the patient but for the client in such a personal approach. Very knowledgeable staff, highly skilled team of doctors who accompany the clients during immersion in that dream-like state. This is the most unusual experience I’ve had in my life, I have more than 40 years, and seems to have seen much, but it’s a different experience and it was accompanied by a clearly.


I didn’t feel anything negative, that was actually fantastic, it’s my dreams, my future plans, my unfulfilled childhood dreams, and this is all I saw. And when at the end of the session I opened my eyes, I was smiling from what I have experienced and felt. The vibrations of the body, the ataxia was of course very pronounced, but they are controlled by the staff. I absolutely didn’t worry.


Another point that struck me was, that I already talked about the approach to their work, I was completely monitored. It also monitored all my vital functions, I’m not worried about what can happen in some sort of trouble, and did not happen. Happened only that deep and overly sensitive, emotionally pleasing me … it changed me, it’s still early to say, but the result will be I am sure of it.


So, thank you to the staff for the opportunity to feel that the usual person is unavailable. Able simple and unmodified consciousness, and maybe changed, it’s hard to say what it was. I could feel every cell of my body – on the one hand, and on the other part of my inner self was separated. During the procedure I didn’t really realize where I am and where I’m not. It was cool, very cool, can only say so.
Thank you for your attention.

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