Ibogaine and its Uses in Complex Treatment of Addictions in Ukraine

European Ibogaine Forum – 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia
Dr. Sergey Khudoley, Kiev, Ukraine
E-mail: doctor.medicomente@gmail.com


Dear friends and colleagues …


Many of us have heard of Bwite religion and culture



About the healing and psychedelic effect of Tabernanthe Iboga Root extract on the human brain




On the initiation of Ibogaine




When a tribal boy becomes a big warrior with experience and outlook on the life of a person of a lived age…

what happens, under the close supervision, of a great teacher– “The Spirit of Iboga”


Admire the centuries-old culture and wonders of the peoples of Africa can be infinitely long…




but today we will not talk about that…


Today in my report, I will touch on the topic of:


“Ibogaine and its uses in complex treatment of addictions in Ukraine”


Many reads, some used, and described the experience of using Ibogaine in their medical practice about:


  • “Its inexplicable psychedelic effect on human consciousness and deep subconscious”
  • “On its use in the treatment of people dependent on psychoactive substances and alcohol”
  • “On the treatment of people with severe depression and deep phobias”
  • “The recognition of the mistakes of youth and the desire to know the truth, change yourself”



Short History of ibogaine:


… сenturies – the use of Iboga in the ceremonies of Bwiti religion;

1864 – the first documented protocol for the use of Ibogaine Gabon and Congo;

1939 – the first pharmaceutical product – «LAMBARENE» based on Iboga;

1962-1989 – Ibogaine in addictology – the first wave;

2000-… – new history – Ibogaine in medical practice …


Tabernan the Iboga




Grows exclusively in Western Africa (Gabon, Cameroon) and partially in central Africa (RepublicCongo)


Plant and Alkaloid





The most valuable part of the bush is the root bark 8-10 year old plant containing the active alkaloid ibogaine.


First of all, the value of the plant is due to its unique psychedelic effect, and the fact that all attempts at its selection in other territories and continents, as well as the recreation of its synthetic analogue, were unsuccessful.


Ibogaine does not form addiction …

Respect – yes

Disgust – sometimes

Addiction – never


In practice, Ibogaine is used in the form of:


  • Dry Bark of the Root of Iboga(rootbark):~ 2-5%alkaloids;
  • TA(total alkaloid): ~30%Ibogaine, plant material, impurities;
  • PTAHCl (purified common alkaloid):60-70%Ibogaine, other alkaloids, impurities;
  • Ibogaina HCl (highly purified):90-95%Ibogaine+Ibogamine.




In medical practice, the use of Ibogaine is often associated with the concept of:  “the most effective method for treating any opiate addiction”


But, as practice shows, this technique is extremely effective:


  • Narcology
    will help the patient to cleanse himself of the drug, alcohol and come to a conscious decision – to leave the addiction in the past, and not return to them in the future;
  • Psychiatry
    effectively and in a short time will provide healing from a deep depressive state, help get rid of phobias and internal fears in the neurotic spectrum;
  • Neurology
    restoration of the neurotransmitter balance in the treatment of severe chronic neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson disease, Multiple Sclerosis);
  • Psychotherapeutic Practice
    a complete deep reboot of consciousness and subconsciousness, cleansing the mind, changes attitudes to life, gives a “second wind” for self-realization;
  • Psychedelic Practice
    will give a person that rare opportunity to find out the truth about himself, to figure out his internal problems, will allow him to consciously look at the mistakes of his own life, thereby rethinking it;


The Effect of Ibogaine on Cells


“freshens” the body, restores the biochemical balance, normalizes the neurophysiological processes of the brain, and replenishes energy reserves;


Microdosing a Short Course (7-10 days) With Daily Use


the strongest psychostimulant, eliminate fatigue, irritability, apathy, increase overall performance, psychological self-control and stress resistance;


All of the above brings Ibogaine therapy, to a new level of application in multidisciplinary practice, as a unique alternative to other methods and generally accepted (not always effective) types of traditional treatment.


All of us have repeatedly heard about deaths due to the use of iboga, which was one of the factors in its prohibition on use.


Ibogaine does not forgive mistakes and negligence. It’s used, sometimes, can cause more harm than good, leading to irreversible disturbances and even death of the body.


Contrain dications for use, selection criteria and procedures


Compliance with the selection criteria and exclusion:


  • a detailed medical history;
  • assessment of the general condition;
  • physical examination;
  • examination of organs and systems;
  • assessment of the mental state;
  • testing for alcohol, narcotic and psychoactive substances.


Apply Exclusively to a “CleanBody”:


  • complete cleansing of the body of narcotic;
  • psychotropic substances;
  • medications;
  • complete abstinence at least a week before ibogaine;
  • or preliminary detoxification of the body;
  • complete elimination – an average of 5-7days.


The exclusion of patients with medical contraindications:


  • acute disorders and irreversible liver damage;
  • cardiovascular disorders:
  • acute coronary disorders,
  • cardiac arrhythmias,
  • hypertensive crises,
  • history of ischemic lesions;
  • impaired filtration of the liver and kidneys;
  • organic brain damage;
  • acute mental conditions;
  • dementia;
  • disorders of general and biochemical blood parameters;
  • TBC and HIV in active condition;
  • pregnancy;
    (preparation and observation of the patient 48 hours in a hospital)


Strictly adhere to the protocol of the procedure:


  • dynamic observation and monitoring of the patient;
  • real-time ECG monitoring;
  • blood pressure;
  • pulse;
  • respiration;
  • maintaining water-salt balance;
  • monitoring of excreta;
  • individual selection of the type and dose of the substance used
    (individual sample for each patient, taking into account the % pure alkaloid content:… mg/kg body weight).


In case of deviations and contraindications, it is imperative to eliminate their causes and influence, use Ibogaine only after complete stabilization of body functions.

If contraindications are revealed–refuse the patient in the procedure.


Thereby you save his life and your reputation!!!


Unfair Services and Providers


But do not forget!



The effect of the procedure directly depends on what substance is used during its implementation, whether it corresponds to the declared one – Ibogaine.


Does the clinic use Ibogaine alkaloids?


Are not substances similar to the psyche that affect the “psychedelic group”




(Psilocybin, Mescaline, Strychnine, Vokangin, Ketamine, LSD) that do not have Iboga effects.




Ibogaine is used exclusively in the form of a powder (purified extract) or ground bark, individually selected according to the patient’s weight, for ease of use placed in capsules.




  • pure alkaloid – 4-8 caps. per procedure;
  • ground bark of ~ 1 caps. (400 mg)/kg of body weight for a session.


Ibogaine can not be in the form of: tea, liquid solution, solid tablets, solutions for intravenous or intramuscular use.




Ukraine, Legality, Legislation, Application


Today, Ukraine can be considered as a unique State, along with Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, etc., where the level of medical care is growing rapidly, innovative methods and technologies are applied.


Ibogaine and medications based on it are not included in the list of substances prohibited or restricted for use and study in Ukraine.


In 2016-2019


The Medical Legislation of Ukraine underwent many revisions, a number of changes were made, in particular, the abolition of local protocols for medical institutions of various forms of ownership.

This allowed developing, implement and use local protocols in medical practice, based on generally accepted protocols and methods used in clinics and medical institutions of other developed countries.

Of course, we cannot talk about all the institutions that use this treatment in their practice in Ukraine, but we can share information about our clinic.


About Our Clinic




We do not operate only as of the Ibogaine Clinic!


“MedicoMente” – medical center for modern addictology,
which uses a comprehensive approach of treating patients with various types of chemical and mental addiction, mental and behavioral disorders, rehabilitation treatment and psychological support, along with other unique techniques, every actively uses Ibogaine Therapy.


We have!


The clinic is fully provided with the entire list of modern medical equipment for routine treatment and emergency care in an intensive care unit.


There is always a complete and certified medication(s) used to detoxify the body, for there lief of acute life-threatening conditions, restoration, and stabilization of impaired body functions.


The clinic employs specialists in the following areas: anesthesiology, emergency medicine, psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy, radiology, general medicine, and psychology.


The center is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, has the entire list of necessary regulatory medical documentation permits of regulatory state bodies and structures, protocols and recommendations.


We use exclusively Ibogaine HCl or PTA HCl!


Each batch of the substance – it`s complete spectral analysis with the exact percentage of pure Ibogaine and impurities is attached.


This allows us to accurately calculate the dose/weight individually for each procedure.


Reviews of Patients


Alice – 28 years old. Ukraine.



On admission: severe alcohol dependence, deep depression, social phobia, suicideattempts.


Day of discharge.
7 days in the clinic: Ibogaine +psychocorrection


«… for me, it was very scary but very productive, the illusions that I saw were remnants of my childhood injuries, due to which I ended up there, on the bottom from which I had to get out, before arriving at the clinic. Ibogaine really cleanses the mind, it is amazing, it is really a shock for me personally. I didn’t think that this happens, it feels like all the garbage that was there was clear from my brain …»


Antonio – 35 years old. Spain.



On admission: polydependence, opiates, stimulants, alcohol, repeated treatment attempts, constantly relapsing.


Control: 1 months after treatment


14 days in the clinic: Detoxification + Ibogaine


«… I was depressed, sad, broken, without a desire to live, until I realized that I had lost – I had lost everything … today, right now, I am clean from drugs … Ibogaine opened my eyes, made me aware of the terrible things I did – today I want to say
– I am free and confident in my distress …»


Aleks – 51 years old. Italy.



On admission: polydrug addiction opiates, stimulants – 30 years, repeated treatment attempts, isolation in rehab centers.


Control: 3 months after treatment


21 days in the clinic: Detoxification + Ibogaine


«…3 months have already passed. After treatment, I returned to normal. Ibogaine allowed me to gets rid of thoughts about drugs…but you need to understand–Ibogaine is not everything, it’slike driving rights, you will be taught the rules, shown and told about your mistakes, given out rights–but you will drive yourself, sometimes over long distances…Ibogaine is a teacher, but much depends on you yourself…»



My dear friends and colleagues!


At the end of the report, I can say with confidence:


«The use of Ibogaine therapy in the near future will occupy its worthy niche
in various areas of evidence-based medicine, primarily as an integral component of the “comprehensive treatment of addiction problems” »


Thank you for your attention!


Medovaya street 10, ss. Gnedinskiy, Borispolsky district, Kiev region, Ukraine, 08340

Phone: +38 (095)550-85-25
+1 (754)209-92-22
E-mail: info@medicomente.com


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MedicoMente is among TOP 15 best European clinics of ibogaine treatment

Our medical center was ranked by trustful informational resource – myeboga.com

This is an independent and 100% voluntary website providing balanced information about ibogaine and iboga, its treatment types, providers and clinics.

And ibogaine therapy is one of our key methods of treating drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction. This resource made a TOP list of ibogaine treatment clinics worldwide and we are honored to be there.

Our team of professionals is proud to be recognized as innovators and leaders of the industry for delivering reliable and complex medical services to our customers – starting from detoxification to complete physical and mental recovery, post-treatment support.

MedicoMente provides quality medical services in the field of narcology, psychiatry, neurology, regenerative and rehabilitation therapy for citizens of Ukraine and countries of Europe. And it’s always great to get recognition for our work.

Start a new life today!
Feel free to contact us and get a private talk and consultation.


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Patient from Ukraine

I went to the MedicoMente clinic with problems associated with the use, abuse of drugs. I came in a terrible state, with panic attacks, neuralgia, with tears. I was very pleasantly met at the clinic. The staff, very good people and specialists entered my situation, helped me a lot, cured me. I was in the clinic for 10 days, very pleased with the food, the atmosphere. Very nice. I recommend to everyone. The best clinic, the best people, specialists.

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Patient from the USA: Alexander’s story


Hi! My name is Alexander. I am from the United States of America
I have really difficult problems dealing with my addiction. I use smoking weed at first. Then I used cocaine. Then I started smoking crack and life was getting very traumatic and dark for me. I got fired from work, I was not good with my parents, on good terms with my parents. My friends started to turn away from me. My life was getting pretty messed up.

I came to the clinic MedicoMente In November and from the greeting at the airport to come to the clinic to the service of the medical staff here, everything is completely tremendous. They are very carrying people who want to see you recover and sometimes it is hard you know. You take it as a loss, you think you lost something in life when you admitted to your addiction. Believe me, it is not. It is a new road to recovery.

Basically, when I came here, I was greeted at the airport by professional staff that works here. We drove to the clinic, I was told about my treatment and how it’s going to proceed. It was about a week of IV treatments and one blood work test to use Ibogaine and when I went to the Ibogaine treatment it was something very excited and new to me. It was not so much excitement as it is the natural stabilization of myself. What Ibogaine did or does medically is it resets your dopamine cells to a pre addictive state, so when I was given Ibogaine treatment. It is something revitalizing for myself. My brain started thinking differently. I started to know how I going to act differently. I knew exactly what I needed to do in life.in order to step away from my addiction and steps to a new road of a clear mind. It was a very great experience here.

The food here was great delivered from restaurants, The fridge was always filled. Could use a washer every time I needed to, You actually have your close washed here. You don’t wash it for yourself. The fool was outstanding. After my Ibogaine treatment and recovery, When I was at psychological or physical recovery.

MedicoMente employee actually took me to the excursions of Kyiv. I got to see some very famous spots. I got to see the city. They take you out to eat at the restaurant. Maybe a few times even and it’s very professional and very dedicated crew medical staff here. From Sergey Aleksandrovich to Galina and Julia and everybody that works here.T hey just very very helpful. Alright, I recommend this treatment really to anybody that wants to find himself who wants to see life with new eyes. That wat it really helps me do.

Again, Medical staff outstanding. Everything from my arrival to Ukraine to my departure from Ukraine has been just a great stable environment in which I can feel myself. I can feel comfortable. Now I have new goals to reunite with my family. I’d like to start a new job or continue working for my previous job. I just want people to see a new me, because everybody used to know as Alexander the addict. Now I am a completely changed person. Thanks to MedicoMente. They truly saved my life.

If you got any questions you may reach me on my American number that is area code +19549988882. From that point on I will direct you to the head doctor here Sergey Aleksandrovich and he will explain the whole process to you as well in medical terms, I will explain to you the whole process from a personal perspective. If you have any type of addiction. From addiction to drugs, to a gaming addiction, alcoholism whatever it is. Сome to this clinic, they will help you and they will really give you a fresh outlook on life.

Best Regards to you. My name is Alexander. The United States and forward to see you.

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Patient from Italy: Aleks’s story


Today is my last day here and I come back, home. I spent here ten days, ten days of total harmony, of complete cooperation, of empathy, of sympathy. Of great, great, great attention and professionalism. The costs are very cheap! We talk about 320 euros per day or ten days for 3200 euros, all included. Medicines, food, food you can choose from the menu of the Italian restaurant. This is not as their junk in the clinic in other clinics. Dr. Sergey is a fantastic person, like all the other staff members: Dr. Nataly, Gallina, Dr. Andrey and the other nurse Nataly.

I found myself here very, very, very good and I want to tell you one very important thing. Strangely, when I was at another clinic, every time when I had to leave, I felt sick, I had problems, there was something, I felt sick and even refused everything because I did not want to take a lot of therapies on the last day and even if I did not want to take it, they put it in hiding in infusion, without telling me anything and I tell you in fact, on the day of my departure I was always like a rag and I came home feeling like a rag and guys tell me, what happens with us when we come back at home and we are sick as rag? In our mind, there is only one remedy start using again.

Here this does not happen. As you can see, ten days have passed and I’m fabulous, I am really fabulous, I am very happy with the treatment I took here, I’m very happy with how they handled and helped me so impeccable and guys, I want to tell you: ”Do not go to another clinic, but come to MedicoMente“!Because Dr. Sergey is a great Doctor and he was the only doctor that I respected when I was at other clinics.

I conclude be strong and brave and if you need, I’m available. If you want you can contact me and the doctor will turn over to you my contact. So, when some Italian wants to contact this structure, this structure will provide you my phone number, so you can speak to an Italian, one junkie who has seen 35 years of addiction. Inside and outside of communities, inside and outside the cages, and finally, now, I am free. Thanks, guys, thank you, staff, thanks clinic MedicoMente. Ciao.

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Patient from Italy: Fabio’s story


My name is Fabio. I have been a drug addict since I was 19 years old. I have tried several times to detoxify myself without having a great solution. This clinic where I found myself now was a great solution. Without pain, I managed to get abstinence and clean myself completely from toxins, so. I advise anyone to try this experience because it is a clinic where you are very well. You are followed, there is everything you need, in short, it’s a good clinic. I recommend everyone to try this clinic and to fight the drug.

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Patient from Ukraine: Alisa’s story


Hello Everybody! My name is Alice and right now I am at the MedicoMente clinic. I can say that I am shocked because everything that happened here struck my mind and my soul. I came here in a very hard condition. Before I had 3 suicide attempts to finish my life. I am an addicted person. I had alcohol overdoses. I drunk too much alcohol with pills together. That’s how I tried to finish my life. When I came to this clinic, I felt very bad and I already had deep depression. I cried all the time, I couldn’t eat and sleep normally. I didn’t want to do anything. My life and everything I do was absolutely indifferent to me.

When I came here, first of all, I was amazed by the service. I really liked it here, it feels like you at home. People(Medical Personal) treat you very well. They always care about you and you feel very strong support all the time which is very important. For the patients like me, complicated and heavy.


I want to tell you separately about my experience with Ibogaine. For me, it was very scary but very productive. I couldn’t take it for 8 hours, how it suppose to be. U am a girl and I could take it only for 3 hours, but it was enough for me. Cause those illusions which I saw, were troubles which I had in my childhood. Those were the reasons why I felt so bad and why I came here. Ibogaine really cleans your mind, that’s amazing, it really shocks for me. I never thought it’s possible, true. Feels like all garbage was sucked from my brain. Plus all the medical treatment-correct one, all of this gave a result.


To this moment only one week passed. After a week I feel a different person. I feel calm, I don’t feel depressed any more, I want to eat, I feel alive and real. I feel that I want to creat again cause I am a creator. I am very thanks full to MedicoMente for what these people do for other people. Because this is the real rescue. I advise everyone who has problems with addiction and a lot of people have an addiction. To find yourself again with the help of Ibogaine and MedicoMente clinic.


Alice was here. Goodbye.Thank you!

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Patient from Russia


I want to say huge words of gratitude for the time spent in this wonderful place.  The condition examined in which I arrived was completely eliminated. The amazingly selected staff creates an extremely friendly atmosphere, and I have not had such a joyful mood for a long time.  Therefore – if you want to solve your problems, this is a place where you can safely turn to. And leave with a good mood, big plans for the future, and forget the old problems. I wish you good luck and see you at the new meetings.

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Patient from Spain: Antonio’s story


Hello. I am a patient from Spain, I am 35 years old, and From the age of 14-15, I got many types of addictions, especially hemp (cannabis), ecstasy and cocaine and other substances. Because of everything that happened to me, my life was gone, at first, I felt good, then worse and worse.


What can I tell you, my family was broken, I had a lot of problems with my father, problems with my uncle, and These problems were every day, and finally, after staying in the center where I was 8 years ago, I meet a woman of my life. Then it all started very well at first, but I had a relapse, and she was helping me, and again relapse, and she was helping me, and the time came when it was impossible to do this anymore, you understand that you cannot continue living like this, you must stop it’s fundamentally and say no and stand firmly on your victory. I was depressed, sad, broken, without a desire to live, trying to do something until I realized that I had lost, I lost everything, but, thank God, I found your clinic and doctor in Kyiv and thanks to Dr. Sergey, with your help we have moved forward, and today, right now, I am cleared from drugs. 


Since I had arrived, the clinic staff had very good attention from meeting at the airport until the moment of leaving. The service was incredible, everything is very professional with very modern equipment, everything is perfect, everything is very new, very clean and very tidy, excellent laundry ironed clothes, everything is very very professional, it was always noticed when we needed to be together on some types procedures, everything was with love, patience, and trust. It is really valuable.  And despite the fact that this clinic is new, everything looks very good, and thanks to the experience that I have taken from here, there are very, very good professionals. I also want to note that all the amenities inside are brand new, Wi-Fi, perfect food, all staff is rated on 10. And I want to say that I am very happy to be here, I recommend to everyone from Spain or from somewhere else, but if from Spain, you can call me and I can explain everything and so that you don’t have distrust when everything goes well, everything passes and everything works like a mechanism. And they also provided me with a translator who was with me at every procedure. I can also say, and I can guarantee that doctors have a core powerful. The ibogaine that is used is very pure and very strong, enough to help us fight with drug addiction. And every procedure, every removal of opiates, was perfect, professional, and I can only say thank you very much for everything you made for me, here, thank you very much and to all the staff and I will miss you. Best regards.

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About drugs, their types and effects on the body

The term “addiction” is directly related to the concept of “drug” (from Greek – numbing, stupor). For the first time, the term “drug” was applied to morphine-like alkaloids, opium derivatives, and their synthetic analogs. Currently, the term “drug” is a psychoactive substance that is listed as prohibited for public use.

According to the description of the World Health Organization “addiction” is a condition related to mental disorders, against the background of a strong desire to take psychoactive substances (including medications) from among those prohibited for free use, leading to systematic use, with harmful effects on the body and pronounced long-term consequences. The abuse of drugs other than those listed as “prohibited” is called inhalant abuse.

Narcotic substances are classified as follows:

1. Opioids (opium, heroin, morphine): cause an anesthetic and relaxing effect, euphoria. It develops fast addiction, persistent physical and mental craving. An overdose is accompanied by severe consequences, the most severe is a dysfunction of the respiratory center, asphyxia, and death.

2. Psychostimulants (caffeine, amphetamine, cocaine): briefly increase brain activity and physical endurance, against the background of severe euphoria. Develop extremely fast psychic addiction. An overdose causes an increase in blood pressure, contributing to the development of irreversible disorders in the brain – accompanied by disability/death.

3. Cannabinoids (anasha, marijuana, hashish): against the background of general relaxation, a sense of relaxation, accompanied by general lightness, the perception of reality, partial or complete amnesia. It is accompanied by severe mental dependence. It does not lead to a fatal overdose but causes apathy, spatial disorientation, the fear of the environment; a more dangerous condition forms, such as cannabinoid psychosis, and later on – personality degradation.

4. Alcohol (regardless of the % of alcohol content): disinhibits in a small amount, and an increase in drinking leads to inhibition of higher nervous activity, violates gait and speech. First, mental craving for a “glass” of drink, and then physical craving develops. Reducing the intervals of sobriety causes multiple organ failure, disruption in the functioning of organs and systems of the body, which leads to its death.

5. Nicotine-containing (cigarettes, hookah): a commonly available and legalized drug, mainly affecting the nerve cells of the body, with a predominant effect on brain neurons. Extremely toxic (more harm in combination with impurities in the inhaled smoke); have caused no officially recorded deaths.

6. Tranquilizers (prescription medicines): the effect is similar to alcohol but accompanied by severe drowsiness; the coma-like state is possible. An uncontrolled, independent increase in the dosage of the drug can lead to a disruption in the interrelated functioning of the brain, as a result of death.

7. Barbiturates (cyclobarbital, phenobarbital): a physical addiction is formed extremely quickly, with a pronounced mental addiction. It leads to disruption of biological cycles, fear of staying in society, agoraphobia. Overdose can cause depression of the respiratory center; death often occurs during sleep.

8. Benzodiazepines (Diazepam, Zolpidem, Dormicum) – quickly develops mental addiction. The effect on the body and its outcome is similar to barbiturates.

9. Hallucinogens (classified into three main subgroups):

  • Psychedelics (mescaline, salts, LSD): change thinking and perception, the behavior is accompanied by delirium and hallucinatory visions. Death caused by the use is extremely rare, often death occurs due to injuries against the background of disorientation, behavioral changes and disturbed spatial reality (road traffic accidents, drowning, falls, etc.);
  • Deliriants (atropine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine): characterized by the development of spatial disorientation, accompanied by frequent amnesia, the development of acute psychoses with hallucinations and verbal delirium. Overdoses – rarely, death predominantly occurs from accidents;
  • Dissociative substances (phencyclidine, ketamine, GHB): the separation of mental functions from physical perceptions, a violation of body control, immersion in the illusion of another world are characteristic. It causes persistent mental addiction, accompanied by the formation of “own reality”. Overdoses are extremely rare, death occurs in people who use other hallucinogens.

Considering the harmful effects of psychoactive substances on our body, that small line is smoothed out – between the healing medicine and the terrible poison. Their controlled administration leads to high results in the treatment of various serious diseases but if exceeding the dose and frequency of administration, a strong dependence is formed accompanied by “unbridled attraction”, leading to the destruction of the body and mind. Even the most effective medicine can turn into a “terrible drug”.

Consequences of drug use. Severe dysfunction of the body, and more serious problems:

  • Effect on the psyche (intoxicating, illusions, hallucinations);
  • The inevitability of an overdose (a constant increase in dose to achieve the state of affect);
  • Toxicity of the substance itself (cirrhosis, sclerosis, multiple organ disorders);
  • Effect of the method of application (phlegmon, thrombosis, septic conditions);
  • Destruction of the psyche (amnesia, dementia, dementia);
  • Impaired self-preservation instinct (injury, falling from a height – a feeling of ability to fly);
  • The above is only a small part of the described disorders and changes.


Almost every person can become a drug addict – life is unpredictable… a person who becomes a drug addict will soon become a curse and a burden for his family and loved ones, endangering himself and others… sooner or later, he will pass through all stages of degradation to the collapse of the individual, and further…

Best regards, the MedicoMente team!

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